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22 vs. Earth is an animated short film released on April 30, 2021, released on Disney+. The short is a prequel to the movie and focuses on the character 22.


Ever wonder what new soul 22 has against Earth in Disney and Pixar's Soul? 22 vs. Earth will explore this as she defies the rules of The Great Before and refuses to go to Earth, enlisting a gang of five other new souls in her attempt at rebellion. However, as her cohorts' activities lead to unexpected results, 22's subversive plot may actually lead to a surprising revelation about the meaning of life.


After her friend Neptune decides to go to Earth, 22 is once again left to her own devices and vows to never leave. She decides to recruit five more new souls, Moonbeam, Peanut, Zimmy, Macaroni and D-Pac to form the Apocalypse (Anonymous Provocateurs and Other Culprits that are Against Leaving Your friends to go to Pathetic Stupid Earth). They plot to prevent other souls from finding their spark, but when Peanut steals a car, she realizes she loves driving and heads to Earth. 22 tries to rally her troops, but when Zimmy declares herself a follower, she earns her spark and heads to Earth as well. Jerry A and B arrive and compliment that 22 has made friends, but when 22 asks D-Pac to lie, she earns her spark and leaves. Moonbeam attacks the Jerries like a dog which results in him getting his spark and leaving. Sad and defeated, 22 realizes that she is incapable of keeping friends and Macaroni comforts her, ironically allowing her to earn her spark. 22 angrily tosses Macaroni to Earth and declares that she will never leave. The Jerries believe that 22 will eventually leave to Earth with Jerry B admitting that he does not know what the meaning of life is. Jerry A begins to tell him, but is cut off by the credits. Afterwards, Jerry B admits that the explanation is "banal" when said out loud.


  • Tina Fey as 22
  • Richard Ayoade and Alice Braga as the Jerries
  • Micah Chen as Moonbeam
  • Adela Drabek as Peanut
  • Aiyanna Miorin as Zimmy
  • Karee Ducharme as Macaroni
  • Samantha Ho as D-Pac
  • Azriel Dalman as Neptune
  • Juliana Alcaron as Happy Soul


  • This is the second Pixar prequel since Monsters University.
  • In the Danish dub of the short, Happy Soul is listed as L-Ron, possibly a reference to scientologist founder L. Ron Hubbard.
  • The masks that the souls wear resemble the masks worn by the Incredibles.