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The animators and writers at Pixar have often cited that the movies they make are for adults, just as much as they are for kids. As such, a certain amount of adult humor slips into their projects that kids may not understand. Some of these jokes are innuendos that are usually considered either inappropriate or repulsive. Other times, Pixar films will be able to get away with using mild swear words like “dang” and “hell”.

Toy Story (1995)

  • When Bo Peep asks Woody, "What do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight?", it is implied that Bo wants to spend the night with Woody.
    • Additionally, some viewers mishear Woody's response as "Hell yeah.", while actually being, "Oh yeah."
  • When Slinky stands up for Woody, Mr. Potato Head points to Slinky, removes his lips, and makes them kiss his own butt, causing Mr. Spell, Snake, and one of the Troikas to laugh, as he is calling Slinky a butt kisser.
  • When the other toys marvel at Buzz, he says to Woody, "I think the word you're searching for is 'Space Ranger.'" An annoyed Woody replies, "The word I'm searching for I can't say because there are preschool toys present," implying that he wanted to call Buzz a profane word.
  • When Woody is irritated that the other toys are in awe of Buzz's laser, Mr. Potato Head accuses him of having "laser envy", a reference to the Freudian concept of penis envy (despite said concept pertaining to females only).
  • After Buzz tells Woody that he can fly around Andy's room with his eyes closed, Woody calls Buzz "Mr. Lite-Beer", referring to the fact that if Buzz were really flying around the room with his eyes closed, he would likely be drunk. It also references the alcoholic beverage Bud Light Beer.
  • Mr. Potato Head threatening to hang Woody

    While Andy starts looking around his room for Buzz, Mr. Potato Head quietly gets Woody's attention by having Etch draw a hangman's noose and points at him, meaning he is threatening to hang Woody as a death sentence for knocking Buzz out the window.
  • Legs, one of Sid's toys, is a fishing rod with Barbie legs who is supposed to be a "hooker", as she is a toy who can hook things. The word is also a double entendre, referring to a hooker (prostitute).
  • During the Mrs. Nesbitt scene, Buzz is concussed from his bad fall a few minutes before, making him appear "drunk" on imaginary Darjeeling (tea), causing Woody to later reply, "I think you've had enough tea for today."
  • When Woody shows the other toys Buzz's detached arm and claims that he's all right, Rex, thinking Woody killed Buzz, turns his head away and makes a vomiting sound.
  • When the soldiers report that Molly got a Mrs. Potato Head as a Christmas gift, Mr. Spell types: "HUBBA HUBBA!" when cheering on Mr. Potato Head for getting what he wanted, a reference to a common expression for viewing someone as sexually attractive.
  • Not in the film itself, but in an original draft for the film, when Barbie saves Woody and Buzz à la Sarah Connor, Woody remarks at one point that he wished he was "anatomically correct".
  • Another moment from an original draft that didn't make it into the final film had one toy refer to Shakes the Rattle as "the best damn rattle I ever worked with" before telling how Shakes disappeared into Sid's house, never to return.

A Bug's Life (1998)

  • After Rosie and Dim's failed opening circus act, some of the flies leave dissatisfied, and one of them says, "I have been in outhouses that didn't stink that bad."
  • In the above scene, one of the Fly Brothers notices Francis and, mistaking him for a girl, says: "Hey, cutie! Wanna pollinate with a real bug?", meaning he wants to have sex with him.
  • The Flaming Death act is a reference to suicide. When the act backfires, causing P.T. Flea to get burned to a crisp, one of the remaining flies in the audience applauds and shouts, "Burn him again!"
  • At the Bug Bar, two bug patrons order two Black Flags and toast with one of them saying, "Hair of the dog you bit." Ironically, the term "Black Flag" is a brand of insecticide for killing insects, while "Hair of the dog [that bit you]" is a colloquial phrase meaning alcohol that is consumed with the aim of lessening the effects of a hangover.
  • When the Cockroach Waitress yells, "Hey! Who ordered the poo-poo platter?", a bunch of dung flies swarm around the platter, referring to that they had ordered it. "Poo-poo" is a children's euphemism for fecal matter; however, when spelled "pu-pu platter", it is referred to as a Chinese dish.
  • After the mosquito, who is clearly a male, drinks his "Bloody Mary, O+", he gets drunk and fat, and then passes out. In reality, only female mosquitoes drink blood; his thorax also grew in size, when in reality, it would be the abdomen that would change size after drinking blood. Additionally, his order of a "Bloody Mary" references the alcoholic drink of the same name.
  • When Dot and her second grade classmates show a mural of the Circus Bugs fighting the grasshoppers away, Rosie compliments the colors of the blood. Dot then explains they drew Heimlich getting cut in half because their teacher said the battle sequence would be more dramatic, causing Heimlich to become very anxious.
  • After finding out that the "Warriors" are Circus Bugs, Flik organizes a "meeting" with them, and when Atta questions this, Flik states that "it's strictly BYOB." In the film, "BYOB" is an acronym for "Bring Your Own Bugs", but in reality, it is an acronym for "Bring Your Own Booze", while "booze" is a slang term for alcoholic drinks.
  • During the fake bird attack, the ants and Circus Bugs use boysenberries as blood to act like they were hit or killed, causing the grasshoppers to think that the "bird" is really attacking them. In one scene, when Slim shows Hopper and Molt his supposedly injured eye, the latter struggles to hold in his vomit.
  • In one of the outtakes, Dr. Flora is seen flirting with another ant on the set, which turns out to be a cardboard cutout when she knocks him down. She apologizes and tells the crew to put him in her car.
    • In an extra outtake, Slim tries to warn Francis about the arrival of the flies from the circus, but starts laughing because Francis has something stuck in his nose, and Francis turns around to reveal a twig in his nose.

Toy Story 2 (1999)

  • When Bo is about to kiss Woody, he says embarrassedly, "Bo, not in front of Buzz!".
  • When Woody uses Buster to go to the yard sale to rescue Wheezy, Rex yells: "Don't do it, Woody! We love you!", implying that he thought Woody was committing suicide (by sending himself into the yard sale).
  • When Bo tells Buzz to give Woody a kiss when he finds him, Buzz replies, "All right, but I don't think it'll mean the same coming from me," implying that Buzz didn't want Woody to think he was gay.
  • When the toys make it to their first location, Hamm trips and his cork falls out. He then says, "All right, nobody look till I get my cork back in!", meaning he doesn't want to be seen fully exposed. This can be considered a "toy-ified" equivalent of being pantsed (i.e. being stripped to underwear in public).
  • When the toys first encounter the many Barbie dolls in Al's Toy Barn, they all jaw-drop and look at them as if they are attracted. Later, when meeting Tour Guide Barbie, Mr. Potato Head reminds himself repeatedly under his breath that he's a married spud, meaning he doesn't want Mrs. Potato Head to think he is cheating on her. Hamm vouches for Potato Head by moving between him and Tour Guide Barbie, saying, "Then make room for the single fellas."
  • During the opening of Woody's Roundup, TV Stinky Pete is seen with a pickaxe stuck in his rear end as he inquires, "Has anyone seen my pick?" Later in the show, TV Prospector, at one point, attempts to smother the flame on a stick of dynamite by sitting on it, only to burn his buttocks and yell, "Yow, my biscuits are burning!"
  • During the scene where Woody attempts to retrieve his detached arm from a sleeping Al, when he wakes up after the TV turns on, he pleads, "No, officer, I swear!", suggesting that his dream involved criminal activity.
  • If viewers look very closely at the Woody's Roundup merchandise, a track on one of the records is titled: "Dam it all" (a pun on the phrase "Damn it all!").
  • When Woody tries to mimic his TV self by telling Bullseye to "ride like the wind", only to fall off him with the saddle, Bullseye looks down and then walks away bashfully while covering his crotch area.
  • When Mr. Potato Head sees the complex baggage conveyor belts at the airport, he becomes shocked and drops a load of pieces out of his compartment on the back.
  • After Jessie springs into action to help Buster out of Andy's room for some "private time", Buzz's lovestruck reaction causes his wings to pop out. This is presumably a reference to what happens to men who get "too excited".

    Buzz getting "too excited"

  • In one of the outtakes, Slinky, after doing one scene, hears John Lasseter say, "All right, cut! Good take." Slinky is then complimenting his bottom half and starts petting it while his bottom half's foot starts to tap with pleasure. While he does this, Rex walks away in discomfort.
    • In another outtake, Stinky Pete is seen chatting with the Barbie twins about getting them a part in Toy Story 3, a reference to Hollywood's infamous casting couch. In the 2019 release, this outtake was removed to avoid such controversy, particularly with the #MeToo movement.

Monsters, Inc. (2001)

  • At the beginning, Thaddeus Bile attempts to perform a simulation test by scaring a mechanical child, but when the child screams, Bile shrieks back in fright and accidentally falls onto some jacks on the floor, which pierce his rump, causing him to scream in agony and thrash about wildly.
  • In the "23-19" scene, after the CDA remove the sock on George's back, they shave him completely, and he covers his crotch. One CDA agent then tears off a bandage on George's back, and he screams and uncovers his crotch. However, in subsequent scenes, he is not shown covering his crotch, and nothing is in place of where his genitalia would likely be.
  • At Harryhausen's, during Mike and Celia's date, Mike absentmindedly mentions Sulley as being the most beautiful monster in Monstropolis when he shows up against the window, confusing Celia, who thinks Mike is gay.
    • In the same scene, when Sulley explains to Mike about the dilemma he is in, they hide their faces behind the menu, much to Celia's anger. This may imply that she thinks Mike and Sulley have a gay relationship.
  • In the men's restroom, where Boo is in one of the stalls, Sulley, at one point, thinks Boo is finished and opens the stall door, causing the latter to shriek before he quickly shuts the door and apologizes. Later, when Sulley is looking for Boo, he playfully crawls on the floor and looks through the bathroom stalls from under the doors. Mike eventually arrives and asks, "What are you doing?!" He may have thought that Sulley was peeking through the stalls to see male workers use the restroom.
  • In the above scene, when Mike and Sulley are hiding Boo from Randall and Fungus in one of the bathroom stalls, Mike accidentally dunks his foot into the presumably filthy toilet. After they both leave, Mike slips and falls into the toilet behind the closed stall as water splashes onto the floor, causing Boo to express disgust. Later, Mike is seen walking with some toilet paper stuck to his wet foot.
  • When Baby Smitty goes up to Mike and says his full name, Mike holds his hand out and tries to shoo the kid monster away, only for Baby Smitty to bite Mike's hand, making him yowl in pain. As he does, Boo laughs, causing all the ceiling lights to short-circuit and blow out.
  • In the Himalayas, when the Yeti offers Mike some yellow snow cones, Mike gags disgustedly at the sight of them (yellow snow is typically known for having been urinated on). However, the Yeti recovers him from the awkward pause by saying, "Don't worry, it's lemon."
  • In an attempt to make Boo laugh, Mike does a flip in the air and lands groin first on a metal bar, only to find out that Sulley forgot to remove Boo's "monster visor", meaning Mike ended up hurting himself for nothing.
  • In one of the outtakes, when Mike is saying goodbye to Boo, he accidentally says, "Go throw up," instead of "Go grow up." Everyone laughs, but Mike doesn't realize his mistake.

Finding Nemo (2003)

  • At the beginning, Pearl reveals that one of her tentacles is shorter than the rest, but it's hard to tell, especially when she twirls them side to side. On octopuses, the short tentacle is the genitalia.
  • Three times in the film, Pearl and her father were shown squirting ink when scared. The first time was when Tad pulled Pearl away from the edge of the drop-off, the second was when Pearl's father saw the sharks, and the third was in the credits where Pearl bumped into El Magnifico's credit. This is equivalent to wetting oneself in fear.
  • The way in which Bruce, Anchor, and Chum attempt to lead their diets down a path devoid of fish is similar to how people go through withdrawal from alcohol or drugs.
  • After Dory gets hit in the face with a scuba mask, blood comes out of her nose, to which Bruce sniffs it in, causing him to lose his composure and chase her and Marlin. As Bruce chases them, Chum warns him, "Don't fall off the wagon!", a reference to people resuming alcohol or drugs.
  • As Dr. Philip Sherman is doing dental work on a patient, Bloat argues with Gurgle about whether the dentist is using a Hedstrom file or a K-flex instrument on said patient, and their bickering causes Bloat to bloat up. When Deb then deflates Bloat off-screen, as she does, it sounds similar to human flatulence.
  • At one point, the dentist euphemistically states that he needs to "see a man about a wallaby." This may or may not be authentic Australian slang, but it is similar to the English euphemism "going to see a man about a dog/horse," which has the same meaning (going to relieve oneself).
  • The volcano inside the dentist's office aquarium is called Mount Wannahockaloogie (a "loogie" is a slang term for phlegm, so the volcano's name literally means "want to hock a loogie").
  • When Marlin rides on Crush, he moans about his stomach, to which Crush tells him: "Whoa, hey, no hurlin' on the shell, dude, okay? Just waxed it." Crush said this because he thought Marlin would vomit on his shell.
  • After Bloat belches from eating green filth, a disgusted Gurgle remarks, "Don't you people realize we are swimming in our own–", but Peach interrupts him when she sees the dentist coming. Gurgle was trying to refer to their own excrement.
  • When the AquaScum 2003 first scans the tank, Gurgle covers his crotch area as the laser "scans" his body.
  • The full-screen version of the film (exclusive to the original 2003 US home release) accidentally (by expanding the aspect ratio vertically) reveals the visible portion of a woman's legs as she enters the waiting room, essentially showing some of her bare leg as the hem of her skirt is now seen.
  • One of the boats moored at Sydney Harbour is called The Surly Mermaid, which is the name of an Australian pub.

The Incredibles (2004)

  • During the montage where superheroes are forced to retire, a newspaper shows a photo of a Super behind bars below the headline of "X-Ray Vision Peeping Tom?"
  • At dinner, when Helen and Violet argue about being "normal", the latter states, "The only normal one is Jack-Jack, and he's not even toilet-trained!", to which Jack-Jack laughs. As Dash remarks, "Lucky...", Helen and Violet look at him, confused, so he says, "Uh, I meant about being normal."
  • At some point, Helen pulls Bob into their bedroom, a likely reference to having sex in bed.

Giphy (1).gif

  • During another montage, after Bob accepts the job and kisses Helen, they are seen sneaking past Violet to their room. Then, both of them pinch each other's butts while passing through each other.
  • In the scene where Syndrome is holding the Parr family in the air using his levitation device, he rudely remarks how Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl "got busy", referring to their kids, Dash and Violet.
  • While watching the Omnidroid attack, Syndrome's security guards intend to start a drinking game, as one of them says, "Okay, every time they run, let's have a shot!"
  • On Hypershock's NSA file, one of the blurbs listed says: "Fondness for Drink", meaning he was addicted to alcohol.
  • Gamma Jack's NSA file mentions that he was originally known as "Handsome Jack", as he was a favorite among women. In his interview, he states that he rescues attractive women first and works his way "down the list".
  • While infiltrating Syndrome's base, Elastigirl passes by a mirror and, upon looking in it, notices how much bigger her butt has become since having had children, and sighs in disappointment.

Cars (2006)

  • During the first time Lightning has to repair the main road at Radiator Springs, and after being ignored by Red the firetruck, Lightning gets upset and says: "I shouldn't have to put up with this! I'm a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics!" Then Mater gets confused and asks, "You hurt your what?" He was probably referring to Lightning's undercarriage (crotch), as when Mater says "what" at the end or middle of asking a question, he is usually referring to anything inappropriate.
  • Lightning's racing sponsor is Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment: New Rear-End Formula, which is a treatment for one's backside.

Mia and Tia "flash" Lightning with their headlights

  • When Mia and Tia meet Lightning backstage, they flash their headlights at him. This is roughly the car equivalent of female racing fans lifting up their shirts to flash the racers. Lightning's reaction to this (a smug "I love being me~") doesn't help make the scene subtle.
  • At the courthouse (when Lightning was being prosecuted), after Lightning asks Mater if he knows Sally, he replies, "She's the town attorney...and my fiancée." (This could be to make Lightning feel jealous or just to tease him.) Then Lightning exclaims, "What?!" with a shocked face (he thought Mater was serious, while Mater was trying to get a reaction out of him for play). Mater then giggles, lightly taps him, and says: "Nah, I'm just kiddin'. She just likes me for my body." (He then leans to the side and moves his bottom eyelid up as if he were getting horny/aroused about the remark.)
  • At one point, Ramone shows his undercarriage to Minny and Van when he convinces them to get a paint job.
  • As Lightning watches Sally drive away, he remarks, "Do I spy a little pinstriping tattoo back there?", and the camera focuses on said tattoo on Sally's trunk. She then gets so embarrassed that she knocks over a pile of traffic cones.
  • When Lightning explains to Mater late one night that Sally is going to let him stay at the motel, Mater replies, "Ohhh, gettin' cozy at the Cone, is we?" He was probably referring to Lightning and Sally having sex at the motel.
  • When Lightning pries on Doc Hudson fixing the Sheriff, whose undercarriage is exposed, Lightning stares and then soon looks away in embarrassment, to which the Sheriff asks, "Get a good peek, city boy?" As Lightning leaves, the Sheriff remarks, "Hope you enjoyed the show!"
  • One of the sponsors in the Piston Cup for racer Claude Scruggs is called "Leak Less", a trademark of drip pans that are used to prevent oil leaks. This is equivalent to absorbent pads worn by people with urinary incontinence.
  • When Lightning tells Rusty and Dusty that he doesn't need headlights because the track is always lit, Rusty replies, "Yeah, well, so is my brother, but he still needs headlights!" This means that he is a drunk driver. When Lightning leaves, Rusty and Dusty both yell, "Don't drive like my brother!" This is another reference to drunk driving.
  • Rusty Cornfuel's sponsor is Tow Cap: Hitch Protection. The logo shows a piece of rubber on a hitch, a reference to condoms, as a car's hitch could be compared to a male's genitalia.
  • At one point, Lightning tells everyone at Flo's Cafe that Doc Hudson won three Piston Cups, although when Mater hears what Lightning said, he spits out his drink and responds, "He did what in his cup?", misinterpreting "Piston Cup" and believing that Doc had urinated in his cup (“pissed-in-cup”).
  • In the Rust-eze sponsor's tent, Rusty and Dusty recite this rhyme: "Winter is a grand old time; to this there are no ifs or buts. But remember, all that salt and grime can rust your bolts and freeze your–" before being cut off by Lightning. They almost certainly meant to say "nuts", as in the counterpart of a bolt had Lightning's hiding spot not been compromised; however, the word "nuts" is also a slang term for testicles.
  • When Mack offers Lightning to sponsor Rust-eze, the latter refuses, but when the commercial for Rust-eze comes on, it turns out to be a rear end formula.

Ratatouille (2007)

  • When Linguini accidentally knocks over a pot of soup, spilling some on the floor, he attempts to remake the soup by adding water from another pot to the soup and then haphazardly throwing in a few spices and vegetables. At one point, Linguini tastes the soup, only to find that it tastes awful, to which he grimaces before he runs over to an open window and vomits outside.
  • On Linguini's first day on the job as a cook, Skinner greets him in a sly manner by saying, "Welcome to Hell."
  • When Skinner finds Linguini in the vegetable storage, and the latter claims that he was familiarizing himself with all the vegetables, Skinner ushers Linguini out and remarks, "One can get too familiarized with vegetables!", a likely reference to objectophilia.
  • While looking for a place to safely conceal Remy under his clothes, Linguini considers keeping Remy in his pants, just below the waistline, causing Remy to give Linguini a horrified, pleading look.
  • While teaching Linguini the basics of cooking, Colette informs him that Lalo got fired from the circus for "messing around with the ringmaster's daughter," which could imply that he had sex with her.
  • In the above scene, Colette warns Linguini to never play cards with Pompidou, stating that he's been banned from Monte Carlo and Las Vegas, possibly meaning that he is a gambling addict.
  • In an attempt to make Linguini spill the beans about Remy, Skinner gets him drunk on wine, causing Linguini to later show signs of intoxication when he babbles to Skinner about off-topic stuff.

Tumblr n7agyqHB8R1st0dt8o3 500.gif

  • When Linguini is attempting to tell Colette that he refers to Remy as his "...tiny...little...", Colette replies with, "Little?" and glances downward at Linguini's crotch area (though she could also be glancing at his fingers when he makes the gesture).
  • The first time Linguini attempts to reveal Remy, Colette believes he is crazy and pulls out pepper spray.
  • While Linguini and Colette are both cooking, the former turns around to look at Colette, who is behind him. Linguini sexually admires Colette from her bottom to top before an irritated Remy turns Linguini's head around.
  • When Colette returns to the restaurant and discovers a mischief of rats in the kitchen, she gags while attempting to keep her mouth closed, evidently trying to stop herself from vomiting, and attempts to leave, only to be stopped by a grateful Linguini.

WALL•E (2008)

  • While WALL•E is compressing trash into a cube, he finds a bra and puts it on his audio-visual sensors to protect them from the sunlight (he could have likely misinterpreted it for a visor or glasses and not have known its real purpose).
  • During the Repair Ward scene, while EVE is being cleaned, WALL•E looks through the glass window and thinks that the CARSTICS are trying to torture and decapitate her.
  • When AUTO is zapping WALL•E in an attempt to take the plant back, GO-4, while holding EVE, stares at the scene with an unfazed look, as if he thinks it's settling.
  • When WALL•E and EVE are kissing and holding hands, M-O shows up with the rejected bots, then ushers them away to give WALL•E and EVE some privacy.

Up (2009)

  • When Russell goes into the bushes to do his business, he asks, "Mr. Fredricksen, am I supposed to dig the hole before or after?", and Carl responds with, "None of my concern." Russell then blurts out, "It's before!", to which Carl covers his ears and pretends not to listen.
  • One of the scores in the film's soundtrack is called "Giving Muntz the Bird", a reference to "flipping the bird", which is a common euphemism of the very obscene insult of giving someone the middle finger.

Toy Story 3 (2010)

  • When Woody introduces himself to the toys at Bonnie's house, Dolly asks him, "Woody, huh? You're gonna stick with that?", a joke about how "woody" is also a vulgar slang term for an erect penis.
  • Mrs. Potato Head's right eye was left in Andy's room for most of the movie, a possible attempt at a "Women see everything" joke.
  • When Barbie first meets Ken, she tells him, "Nice ascot." It is sometimes mistaken as a comment towards Ken's ass (butt), when, in fact, an ascot is a kind of scarf men usually wear.
  • As the toys go the next room and pass through the bathroom, Lotso says, "Watch out for puddles," implying they were urine. (He said this when he noticed Mr. Potato Head slipping on a puddle.)
  • After Mr. Potato Head is brought back after a night in the box, he mutters he was surrounded by "sand and Lincoln Logs," to which Hamm replies, "I don't think those were Lincoln Logs," implying they were feces.
  • When Barbie, dressed in Ken's astronaut suit, gets Buzz's instruction manual from the Bookworm, he notices Barbie's high heels and sighs disgustedly. (This hints that he believed Ken had begun cross-dressing.)
  • In one scene, Mr. Potato Head uses a cucumber for a body; the combination of the cucumber, hat, and shoes appear to make a phallic shape.
  • After Slinky tells Woody to have fun at college, Hamm slyly adds, "But not too much fun." He is telling Woody not to get too drunk (which would be physically impossible, since toys cannot drink alcohol).
  • In the end credits, Mr. Potato Head, in one scene, tells the Peas-in-a-Pod after they come out of his rear end, "I told you kids to stay out of my butt!"
    • Also in the end credits, when Bonnie's toys get a letter from Sunnyside, the end of the letter reads: "Hugs and kisses to everyone." Buzz thinks that Barbie wrote it, but Jessie points out it was actually Ken who did. When they find out, Woody, Jessie, and Buzz look at each other disgustedly, revealing that Ken is effeminate.

Cars 2 (2011)

  • After Lightning insults Francesco Bernoulli by calling him "fragile" and "not so fast", Francesco begins talking angrily and swearing at Lightning in Italian, before being muted to avoid offense to Italian viewers, then backs up and rubs his rear tires on the floor. This means that he may have been flipping Lightning off. It is also a reference to Formula One drivers being muted if they use profanity on the team radio.
  • When Mater is playfully sneaking around in the Wheel Well Motel, he tries a martini out of curiosity. However, after doing so, he senses that the taste is too strong and awful, and he still had it in his mouth, not wanting to swallow it. He looks everywhere for a place to spit it out, but he could only spit it back in the glass that he drank it from.
  • In Tokyo, when Mater tries to find the men's restroom to get himself cleaned up, he is unable to read Japanese while choosing between the two doors and accidentally enters the women's room, where we hear a female car scream, to which Mater sheepishly apologizes as he quickly comes out and re-enters the men's room.
  • When Finn tells Holley she must meet Rod Redline in the bathroom, she expresses discomfort about going into the men's bathroom.
  • While Mater is in the bathroom, he sits on a Japanese toilet and cluelessly presses the wash button. The gadget then fires a cold spray of water up to his undercarriage, making him scream in pain and fright.
  • In the above scene, before leaving the bathroom, Mater warns Grem and Acer, "When she starts gigglin', prepare to be squirted!" This is a reference to ejaculation.
  • When Holley Shiftwell says to Mater that they should find somewhere more private, Mater gets confused and begins to think that she meant for them to go make love.
  • When Acer falls onto the chopsticks on the sushi restaurant sign, the cartoon figure appears to be a cannibal, eating his own kind.
  • When Lightning McQueen reads Mater's note, he reads: P.P.S. P.P. that's funny right there. Pee-pee is a child's slang word for urine.
  • In Paris, when Mater meets the owner of a headlights market, he is scared off when the owner's eyes are on the headlights. This signifies that the eyes are, in a human's case, on the breast.
  • On Siddeley, Mater says: "Boy, I've gotta go to a doctor. I keep getting these sharp pains in my undercarriage." This is a reference to STDs.
  • When Mater is given a vampire disguise, he remarks, "I want to siphon your gas!" This is a reference to vampires and their desire to suck victims' blood.
  • In Porto Corsa, when Holley is doing her fake Italian voice to distract the Lemons outside the casino, she asks in an Italian-British accent if one of the Lemons could help her find her lost, made-up, broken-down grandfather, to which Ivan responds, "Sounds like you need some roadside assistance," while showing her his tow cable as his hook comes down. Then Ivan and Alex get in a small argument about who she was talking to. This is a clear example of two criminals taking advantage of a sexy, hot lady. Additionally, "roadside assistance" from Ivan could mean that he wanted to go sexually assault her because he is a bad guy.
  • When a few cars are gambling and playing with fuzzy dice, Mary Esgocar arrives and says, "Air freshener!", which may imply that she is talking about male car body odor.

Brave (2012)

  • At the beginning, when a young Merida leaves to fetch her arrow after her first trial, Queen Elinor points out to her husband King Fergus that a bow is no gift for a princess, only to get her butt pinched by the latter as a comical gesture and response to her statement.
  • Lord Dingwall mooning Lord MacGuffin and Lord Macintosh

    After Wee Dingwall wins the archery tournament, Lord Dingwall says, "Feast your eyes!" and then moons (i.e. exposes his naked buttocks) toward Lord MacGuffin and Lord Macintosh.
  • After Young Macintosh is introduced by his father and displays a few sword-fighting skills, he flexes his nipples toward Merida.
  • During a brawl, when Young Macintosh is trying to fight back with his sword, someone is seen twisting one of his nipples as the latter screams like a girl.
  • When Queen Elinor first becomes a bear, she rushes around frantically, trying to cover her private areas. Merida then reminds her that (since she is a bear) she is covered in fur.
  • One scene has King Fergus and the other men taking off their kilts to make a rope down to the bottom of the castle, and their buttocks are briefly shown.
  • When the triplets pursue Maudie while still as bear cubs, one of them actually jumps into Maudie's cleavage. One of the two other brothers looks away, but the other grins.
  • At the end of the film, both Queen Elinor and the triplets become naked upon turning back into humans from bears (Elinor's nude body is covered up by the tapestry, and viewers can only see the triplets' butts). When King Fergus realizes his wife is naked, he tells the other lords to look away and respect her privacy. Then, when Fergus sees the triplets, he remarks, "Now that's what I call a wee naked babby!"

Monsters University (2013)

  • In the scene where Randall makes cupcakes, the letters on them say "BE MY dAL". He then fixes it to "BE MY PAL" and states that it would have been embarrassing. "Dal" is short for "dally", which means to flirt playfully or sexual overtures. However, the letters are changed to smiley faces with glasses in international versions of the film, mainly due to translation issues and to avoid the need for adding additional cupcakes to translate.
  • In the party scene, Sulley wins at tic-tac-toe against another monster who is passed out (possibly intoxicated). The implication could have been that they were playing beer pong.
  • When Don announces that he and Sheri are engaged, he describes himself to Squishy as his "big brother who's marrying his mother" and "his brother who shares the same mom/wife," suggesting an incestuous relationship.

Inside Out (2015)

  • When Riley hears a frightening sound, Fear worries that it might be a bear. While Disgust assures that "there are no bears in San Francisco," Anger claims that he saw "a hairy guy that looked like a bear," alluding to the stereotypical trait of gay men in San Francisco.
  • There is a running gag where Anger mentions about blurting out curse words. An example is when the emotions are suggesting solutions on what to do on Riley's first day of school the next day, Anger suggests, "We should lock the door and scream that curse word we know."
    • A similar instance happens in a later scene, when Joy and Sadness get sucked up by the vacuum and Anger asks, "Can I say that curse word now?" Also, when the brand-new expanded console is installed, Anger types out a profane word, but Fear manages to censor it.
  • When the brand-new expanded console is installed, Disgust finds a big red alarm that says "Puberty" and, not knowing how to pronounce it, asks, "What is poo-ber-ty?", to which Joy replies, "Oh, nothing important."
  • At one point, a memory orb (which is assumed to be really hard) hits Fear in his groin.
  • In Riley's dream, the stuffed dog (which turns to a real dog through a camera) Joy and Sadness create is cut in half when the bonding that creates the dog is ripped making Fear spit out his coffee in shock.

The Good Dinosaur (2015)

  • Arlo refers to the family's chicken-like creatures as "cluckers", a possible allusion to a familiar profanity.
  • In one part of the film, Arlo and Spot eat fruit having fallen on the ground and rotted/fermented, and then start seeing weird things, such as Arlo with too many eyeballs and Arlo in Spot's mouth. This is a reference to hallucinating from intoxication or drug usage. It is also an homage to the classic Pink Elephants scene in Dumbo.

Finding Dory (2016)

  • At the beginning, when Mr. Ray tells the class that they are going to have a lesson, Dory misunderstands and starts to explain "the birds and the bees" to the class before Mr. Ray quickly cuts her off.

Cars 3 (2017)

  • During Lightning's training at Rust-eze Racing Center, Cruz Ramirez hangs Lightning down at one point. She then gives him a "Drip Pan" just in case, much to his embarrassment.
  • One of the tracks of the Cars 3 Score is called "Drip Pan", referring to the above scene.
  • As Lightning and Cruz are arguing about racing on the beach, Lightning exclaims that, "Life's a beach and then you drive!" Taken out of context, said passage sounds like "Life's a bitch and then you die," which Luigi and Guido, after a brief pause, appear to notice. This might also be a reference to the song "Life's a Bitch" by rapper Nas.
  • When Lightning and Cruz are locked inside the Thunder Hollow demolition derby, one of the rules Roscoe tells them is, "No cursin'. It's family night." This is a reference to family films without profanity.
  • During the demolition derby, Faregame says to Lightning, "Hey, buddy! Get the [_] out of my way!", but he honks on the blank word, implying he might have used profanity.

Coco (2017)

  • After Abuelita frightens the Mariachi, she hugs Miguel while pressing his face against her breasts, making Miguel desperately try to get out of that position, before he shows a face of disgust after Abuelita stops hugging him.
  • When Héctor sings one of his songs to Chicarrón and Miguel, he slowly says, "Knuckles," and pauses. Chicarrón then says, "Those aren't the words," and Héctor replies, "There are children present," implying that the original song had obscene lyrics. In fact, Héctor's song would have referenced Juanita's knockers (her breasts).
  • when Ernesto‘s mausoleum falls into disrepair near the end of the film, a sign is placed on Ernesto‘s bust that says “FORGET YOU”. Forget being an alternate euphemism for another F word.
  • Miguel watching an artist painting a naked female skeleton

    While Miguel is searching for Dante in the art studio, he passes by an artist painting a naked female skeleton, who glares at him along with the artist, causing Miguel to apologize and go away to meet Frida Kahlo. This can be seen as painting a nude woman in real life, as many famous paintings depict it.

Incredibles 2 (2018)

  • After Violet becomes angry at her father for having contacted Dicker to erase Tony's memories about her (and their planned date), she throws her super suit and quickly storms off to her room, leading Dash to ask if she was "having adolescence." Dash was possibly thinking that his sister was having her menstrual period.

Toy Story 4 (2019)

  • A running gag in the movie is Forky wanting to throw himself in the garbage, which is treated in a manner similar to suicide idealization.
  • Upon seeing the RV with a flat tire, Mr. Anderson begins to stutter, with Mrs. Anderson telling Bonnie that, "He's gonna need some words," implying that he wanted to curse, but he couldn't since their daughter is present.

Onward (2020)

  • At one point, while Barley attempts to repair Guinevere, his butt crack is visibly showing.
  • In one scene, when Ian presses the gas pedal to escape Colt Bronco, he exclaims, "Son of a bitch!", but the scene is cut before he can finish his sentence.
    • A similar instance happens in a later scene, when Corey paralyzes the pawn shop owner, Grecklin, and Laurel exclaims in shock: "Holy son of a-. You killed her!"
  • When Wilden steps out of Guinevere, Officer Gore inquires, "You have a long night there, buddy?", implying that she assumed he was drunk.

Soul (2020)

  • As Joe Gardner runs from The Great Beyond, he passes a Soul who says "Where are my pants?" (the phrase being subtitled).
  • When Joe asks Jerry where he is, he asks “Is it H-E-double hockey sticks?” implying that he meant to say hell, this was then confirmed as the new souls repeated him.
  • When 22 (in Joe's body) holds Joe (in Mr. Mittens’ body) to get him to press the elevator button, she turns her head in disgust, implying she saw his anus.
  • When 22 (in Joe's body) is in the bathroom at Joe's apartment, she tells Joe (in Mr. Mittens' body) that "[she] washed [his] butt".

Luca (2021)

  • When Ercole meets Luca and Alberto, he asks where they got they're clothes from. As he claims, "A dead body".
  • Ercole nicknames Giulia "Spewlia", because during the previous year's Portorosso Cup, she threw up from eating too much pasta. During the bicycle race, Giulia tries not to throw up by holding her hand over her mouth while riding uphill.

In Shorts

Geri's Game

  • While Geri is playing chess against his own persona, when the game is nearly over, White Geri (with glasses) fakes a heart attack to outsmart Black Geri (without glasses) and falls to the ground, which alarms Black Geri who, in turn, tests his own pulse.

Knick Knack

  • When the short was first released, the breasts of Sunny Miami and Sunny Atlantis were unusually big. However, this was later changed when the short aired in theaters with Finding Nemo for the sake of the young viewers.

For the Birds

  • All the little birds lose all of their feathers after being flung into the air, after which Bully tries covering himself with a leaf. Ultimately, all the little birds cover themselves and hide behind the big bird as he laughs.

Mike's New Car

  • During the scene where Mike's car malfunctions, Mike and Sulley both fall back in their seats with their feet showing. Someone suddenly walks past to see the car bouncing up and down with Mike and Sulley's feet showing and then runs away in fear (thinking they are having sex or something similar in the car).


  • The first time the Lamb gets all of his wool sheared, he loses his pride while the other animals laugh at him. This is equivalent to a nude person who would feel the same way and be ridiculed in the same manner.

Jack-Jack Attack

  • When Syndrome visits the Parr residence, Kari McKeen answers the door. She then asks why he has an "S" on his chest, to which he claims that it stands for "Sitter", and that he was going to have the initials for "babysitter", but then he would have been going around with a big "BS" (as in "bullshit").

Mater and the Ghostlight

  • After hearing a scary Ghostlight story told by the Sheriff, Mater starts shaking and rattling uncontrollably; he is also breathing hard and heavily. After he begins to notice that he is the only one rattling, he looks nervously for a spot to put his front down. Right before he does so, for just a split second, viewers can clearly see his small genitalia on his undercarriage. Seconds later, he feels his hind raising up. Before he grabs his hook to pull it down again, for only a few seconds, he appears to be air-humping/thrusting (but in a circular and back-and-forth motion).

Day & Night

  • When Day pokes the moon in Night, it is equivalent to poking the groin.

Hawaiian Vacation

  • Buzz says (in Spanish) that he and the other toys removed all the feces from the kitty litter.


  • At the staff meeting, one of the employees quips: "What's the difference between a porcupine and a BMW? With the porcupine, the pricks are on the outside!"
  • At one point, Purl jokes, "So then he says, 'I know this suit is expensive, baby, but, at my apartment, it's 100% off.'" The other employees start laughing after that.
  • During the second staff meeting, Purl suddenly jumps up and declares, "I say we go for it, and if finance doesn't like it, they can kiss our ass!"
  • When Purl fantasizes about her trip with the Office Bros, multiple alcoholic references are made, including vomiting.

Cars Toons

In almost every short, Mater is seen flirting with Mia and Tia, who adore him instead of Lightning.

Rescue Squad Mater

  • Mater is seen leaving the scene following the female GTO nurse that said to him (when he and Lightning were arguing), "Hello, Doctor!" And possibly, he was following her to have an innocent kiss from her.

Unidentified Flying Mater

  • When Mater and Mator fly past Sarge (who is sleeping) and Fillmore (who is watching the traffic lights), Mater honks his horn and says, "Hey, Fillmore!" to get Fillmore's attention. Fillmore then nervously pushes his can of oil away, meaning that he thinks he's drunk.

Tokyo Mater

  • When Mater says, "Hello, ladies!" he innocently flirts with a couple of females while arriving in Japan, before driving backward and backing his tailpipe into Kabuto's face, making him angry.

Kabuto completely stripped.

  • Kabuto, the short's villain, is said to strip whatever car he defeats in any race against him of all their modifications, therefore making him/her stock. At the end of the short, Mater beats Kabuto in his own race. As a result, it's Kabuto that's the one that ends up losing all of his modifications and becomes stock. This would essentially be considered to be the automobile equivalent of nudity.

Heavy Metal Mater

Mater: "Don't forget to tip the waitresses!"
—Mater possibly referring to tell the other customers to pay the waitresses for their meals.

Mater Private Eye

Mater: "What are you doing here, Tia?"
Tia: "I missed you!"
Mater: "Like you missed your last smog check."
Tia: "You don't have to play poker with me!"
Mater: "Well, you always were the wild card."
—Mater and Tia in a falling out relationship
  • When Mater asks Carmen for Mia, she says she doesn't remember. Then Mater shows her a whitewall wheel, pretending to convince her. Carmen says she may remember until finally, Mater shows her another three wheels, convincing Carmen. This is a clear example of bribery.
Clyde: (asking Carmen for Mater) "Hey. Is this guy bugging you?"
Carmen: "Not yet, but a girl can hope." (Carmen looking hinted to Mater)
—Clyde thinking Mater is a masher
  • The above is a callback to a scene in Finding Nemo, in which the Moonfish ask Dory, "Is this creep [‍Marlin] bothering you?", to which she replies, "I don't know!" and then asks Marlin, "Are you?"
Mater: "It was a fine mess you got me into, Tia."
Tia: "I'm not bad, Mater. I just drive that way. Come on. Let's pick out where we left off."
—Mater and Tia "playing hard to get"

Time Travel Mater

  • When Stanley and Lizzie gets married, they go to a hotel named Comfy Caverns for their honeymoon. Old car horns can be heard honking, which means that they might be having sex.
Stanley: *notices Lizzie* "Aren't you the cat's pajamas!"
Lizzie: "Oh, I bet you say that to all the girls."
Lizzie: *talking to the statue of Stanley in front of Lightning and Mater* "I miss you, Stanley. You sure knew how to treat a girl."
—Lizzie referring to when she and Stanley first fell in love and then got married

The Radiator Springs 500½

  • At the beginning of the short, Mater is dressed as a Hawaiian hula girl. As part of his disguise, he has coconuts placed on his headlights, an allusion to breasts similar to Mia and Tia's headlights flashing in Cars.

Dug Days


  • When Dug is sniffing objects in Carl's backyard, he smells something "horrible" and tells Carl, who says "Don't you roll in that! You just had a bath!", implying that Dug had smelled his own feces. The scene then cuts to Dug happily rolling in the grass, commenting "This makes me happy".
  • When Dug is in the street, sniffing numerous objects to investigate a mysterious smell (later revealed to be a fire), he sniffs a fire hydrant and identifies several other dogs who have also visited the hydrant. This is a nod to dogs and their tendency to urinate on fire hydrants. Dug also identifies a young boy named Timmy Johnson and remarks "This place is not for you!", indicating that Timmy had also urinated on the fire hydrant.


  • During Dug's dream sequence, he walks behind a giant fire hydrant. Once Dug walks from behind the fire hydrant, he lets a sigh of relief, possibly indicating that he urinated on the fire hydrant. Dug then bounces past a tree with several dead squirrels.
  • Also in the above scene, Dug rolls under four foul-smelling objects, one of which is a used diaper. The other foul-smelling objects are a fishbone, a banana peel and a dead snail. Dug rolls under the diaper multiple times.

In Video Games

Cars Race-O-Rama

  • When a player crashes Flo, she sometimes yells, "I'm a show car, not a donkey!"
  • When a player passes a female car, she will sometimes say, "So, you got a girlfriend yet?" as if she thought Lightning was going to have more than one girlfriend.
  • Mater says in the Rustbucket stadium, "Yep, girls like me just for my body."
  • Mater also says to himself, "It's hard bein' this purty."

Cars 2: The Video Game

  • When a player is playing as Mater and has him jump high in the air, bash to the right or left, or side hop, he occasionally says, "Ah! I think I hurt my whatsit!", meaning that he thinks he hurt his sensitive privates.
  • Also, Mater sometimes says while two-wheel driving, "That feels a little funny on my undercarriage!"


Toy Story of Terror!

  • When Jessie dives into Mr. Jones' throat to retrieve Mr. Potato Head's arm, the PEZ Cat is grossed out and vomits out a PEZ candy.
  • To prevent herself from getting captured by Mr. Jones near the end, Jessie kicks Mr. Jones in his underside and he falls down in pain. This emulates what happens when a person is kicked in the groin.