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{{Character|image=Cars-albert-hinkey.jpg|performer=[[Douglas Keever]]{{cite}}|appear=''[[Cars]]''}}'''Albert Hinkey''' is a character in ''[[Cars]]''.
{{Character|image=Cars-albert-hinkey.jpg|performer=[[Douglas Keever]]|appear=''[[Cars]]''}}'''Albert Hinkey''' is a character in ''[[Cars]]''.
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{{DEFAULTSORT:Hinkey, Albert}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Hinkey, Albert}}
[[Category:Cars Characters]]
[[Category:Cars Characters]]

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Albert Hinkey is a character in Cars.


"Albert Hinkey is McQueen's biggest fan -- known as the "Buffet Master" among friends, Al can guzzle two gas stations worth of fuel in one sitting! To match his size, Al is the biggest and best friend one can ever have."[1]

In the film, Albert is sitting in the middle of the Motor Speedway of the South, among other caravans. He shouts encouraging words to McQueen after he makes it through the big wreck caused by Chick Hicks, and honks his horn loudly, much to the annoyance of the other caravans and a tiny blue car next to him.

Later, he appears next to Larry and R.M. attending the race at the Los Angeles International Speedway. He gets amazed when he and the rest of the crowd notice Doc Hudson.


  • According to Car Finder, Albert is a 1985 Boxomatic Travel'Bout 4XL. This is not a real make and model of a car.
  • Despite saying he is McQueen's biggest fan, it can be said that Mia and Tia are bigger fans as they appear to be downright obsessed with him. It could be that it means that Albert is McQueen's fan who is the largest in his size.
  • Albert is one of the very few characters that has a visible nose.
  • He could be Big Al, whom Lizzie mentions in Radiator Springs.


"Yeah, McQueen! Ka-chow!" (honks his horn, while the crowd members around him are disgusted by its loud noise)
—Albert cheering on McQueen after he makes it through the big wreck.



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