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Silenzio, Bruno!Alberto to Luca

Alberto Scorfano is a main character of the Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Luca. He is a pre-teen sea monster from Isola del Mare, who collects human stuff and helps Luca to run away to Portorosso so they can eventually get a Vespa, via The Portorosso Cup.


Official Description

Alberto Scorfano is an independent, free-spirited 14-year-old sea monster with unbridled enthusiasm for the human world. Expressive and gregarious, he is all about having fun, so inviting a fellow sea monster to hang out above the surface is a no-brainer for Alberto. Besides, Luca is the perfect audience for Alberto’s vast – albeit questionable – knowledge of all things human.


Alberto is presented as chill, but also inconsiderate as he drags Luca out the water without his permission. He also tries his best to seem cool and wise about the human world, something in which he prides in despite knowing nothing about it, and is shown to be risky and kind of a daredevil, having him perform actions that lead him to danger. Alberto is not one to take things seriously and is all about having fun, and is also admirable to certain objects or people, like the Vespa.

In Portorosso, Alberto is confident and outgoing as he is the one to take the lead out of the duo and talk to the townspeople. He is also protective towards his friends, considering he was aggressive and snarky towards Ercole Visconti, who was constantly making fun of him, Luca and Giulia.

As well as his positive attitude, Alberto is shown to be possessive towards Luca, attempting to push other away from him and act towards said others as cocky and kind of a jerk, which can lead him to to commit selfish actions. But behind all that, Alberto is actually caring, upbeat and insecure, in which he hides from his cool ego. Due to being abandoned, the isolation led him to feel incredibly lonely, to the point where he can become possessive and angry at people, believing they will leave him and will be alone again if he doesn't keep them close. However by the end of the film, he soon reflects on his actions and tries his best to become more selfless and generous, having him give up him and Luca's Vespa to allow Luca to fulfil his dream and go to school.

Physical appearance

Sea monster Alberto.png
Sea Monster Form
In human form, Alberto is slender and muscular teen with tan skin and light freckles, bright green eyes, a rounded nose and curly, golden-brown hair that is styled tall and has a cowlick. He wears a yellow tank top with brown shorts held up with a rope, and is barefoot all the time.

In sea monster form, Alberto has periwinkle scales, sharp teeth, and purple fins that replicate hair. His eyes are still green, but they have light yellow-green sclera and oval shaped pupils. He also has a long tail with purple caudal fins, however, his fins are noticeably sharper and more angular than Luca's.

Alberto has a scar on his upper left arm, presumably by a harpoon. In human form it's a barely noticeable pale marking, while in his sea monster form it appears as a cut.

Powers and Abilities

Luca Paguro spitting.gif
  • Human transformation: Alberto is able to appear as human when out of contact with water. He is usually shown this by shaking off the water on his skin. If Alberto gets in contact with water, it will revert him back into a sea monster.
  • Enhanced swimming: When as a sea monster, Alberto is able to swim at a great speed.


"Everything good is above the surface."

—Him introducing the surface to Luca

"Say, Silenzio Bruno!"

—To Luca.

"What's wrong with you stupido!?"

—To some townspeople, mistaking the phrase as a greeting.

"Thank you Giulia, for showing us the awful thing that takes us to the terrible place!"

—To Giulia

"Your not like me. Your the good kid, and I'm the kid that ruins everything!"

—Him venting towards Luca

"You got me off the island Luca. I'm okay..."

—Him saying goodbye to Luca


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