"Alter Egos" is a Toy Story Treats episode that aired on ABC's Saturday morning line-up in 1996.


The minis explain that they're being given away through fast food chains, which big-Rex starts panicking about, worried that kids won't buy toys when they can get them for free. Buzz asks the smaller Buzz what features he has, finding out that he can only make a punching move with his arm by turning his head. Woody assumes that they are safe since they do not do much, and Woody sniffs the air, then asks, "Is it me or do you smell cheeseburgers?" and everyone looks at the mini-Hamm toy in bewilderment.



  • The idea of the toys finding mini-versions of themselves is reused in the Toy Story Toons short, Small Fry.
  • This short may have been based somewhat on the actual set of Toy Story hand puppets that were released by Burger King when the original film came out, where the four puppets just happened to be of Woody, Buzz, Rex, and Hamm. This is also hinted when Woody mentions that they were given away with a burger and fries.
  • When the smaller Woody toy says "I'm just a collectible," it foreshadows Woody's actual discovery in Toy Story 2 of being a rare and valuable part of the Woody's Roundup collection.
  • At the end Woody says "Is it me, or do I smell cheeseburgers?", and the toys all look at mini-Hamm.
    • It's a possibility that mini-Hamm got stuck in a cheeseburger to smell like one. Also, mini-Hamm is the only one that does not talk in the short.



Toy Story Treats Alter Egos

Alter Egos

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