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"Did you have a nervous breakdown, McQueen?"
—Andrea talking to Lightning McQueen after he was found by the media

Andrea is a minor character in Cars.


"Andrea is a great reporter! Hailing from Germany, Andrea studied journalism at one of the most prestigious schools in the country and speaks over three different languages. She is known for her signature phrase, "We have the right to know what's going on around us, 85 miles per hour, 7 days a week!" and she can say it in all three languages."[1]

Andrea is seen asking Lightning McQueen if he had a nervous breakdown before Mack and the media arrived in Radiator Springs to get him to the Los Angeles International Speedway.


  • Andrea is a 2003 Roymack Sender, a fictional model.
  • Andrea's license plate reads "3Y7DHK."
  • She's named after additional voice actress Andrea Boerries, who also voiced the character in the movie.




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