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"Sheriff, I can see your dwelling from here! You're almost home."
Buzz Lightyear to Woody

Andy's House is a location in the Toy Story franchise and the residence of the Davis family, which consists of Andy, Molly, and their mother. To date, the family has lived in two houses, moving out of the first in the original Toy Story and remaining in their second onward.

Official Description[]

By now Andy's room has become an emblem of the Toy Story movies and of Pixar itself. The idyllic blue sky and white cloud wallpaper of Toy Story gives way to a galaxy of stars in Toy Story 2. For Toy Story 3, the artifacts on the walls, and even the more subdued sunlight streaming into the room, conveyed the realm of a teenager and the new problem facing the toys: Andy’s imminent departure for college.

Places of interest[]

Living Room[]

The Living Room is where Andy's birthday party takes place in Toy Story and Andy plays with Woody before the event. When the party is underway, Woody sends Sarge and his platoon of Green Army Men to the room to report the gift results to the rest of the toys upstairs. Once they arrive, they take refuge in a houseplant, watching the gift-opening sequence from afar.

The living room in Andy's second house is never shown the films, but makes appearances in numerous video games.

Andy's Room[]

"And this is Andy's room."

Andy's Room is where all of Andy's toys are kept and where their stories and adventures begin in the films Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. The room is often used by Woody to hold a staff meeting for toys.

In Toy Story, Andy shares a room with his baby sister Molly. At first, Andy's room starts out decorated with cowboy themed decor. On the day of Andy's birthday party, a Buzz Lightyear action figure joins the toys in the room, and Buzz, unaware that he is a toy, thinks his spaceship has crash-landed on a strange planet. It is later seen that Andy's bedroom is located across the yard from Sid's room. Because of Andy's newfound interest in his Buzz Lightyear toy, the bedroom's cowboy-themed décor is replaced by Buzz-themed furnishing. At the end of the film, the toys settle in Andy's new room, which initially is now smaller and possesses a light blue/green wall color as well as equal cowboy and Buzz-themed decor and furniture after the Davis family moves to another house.

In Toy Story 2, at Andy's second house, Andy now has his own independent room, as does Molly. Because Andy now likes Woody and Buzz equally as mentioned, his room is now mixed with cowboy and Space Ranger themed decor, and the walls now have a blue wallpaper with yellow stars painted on. After Woody is kidnapped, the remaining toys use the room to investigate the theft while Buzz attempts to decipher the message behind the vehicle's license plate to trace the vehicle and kidnapper. Ultimately, Al McWhiggin, the proprietor of Al's Toy Barn, is revealed to be the culprit and Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Rex, and Hamm leave the room to successfully rescue Woody from McWhiggin's malicious clutches. When Andy once again returns home from cowboy camp, the toys have brought former 1950s Woody's Roundup TV stars Jessie and Bullseye to the room, who Andy then happily accepts as two of his new toys.

Andy's Room

In Toy Story 3, set several years since the events of the second film, a grown Andy has kept his room. The room is shown to be littered with more posters, photos, stickers, and drawings on the walls, adhering to Andy's teenage interests, but the furniture and wallpaper remain the same. By the time the toys finally return to the room, it has been cleared. Mrs. Potato Head has also left one of her eyes in Andy's room, which helps her see what Andy is doing while preparing to depart for college. At the end of the film, the toys move out of the room and settle at Bonnie's house after Andy donates the toys to her.

In Toy Story 4, the room appears in flashbacks and is mentioned by Woody during a conversation with Forky.

Molly's Room[]

"It's not in Molly's room. We've looked everywhere."
Bo Peep, while searching for Woody's hat

Molly's Room is where Mrs. Potato Head, Barbie, Bo Peep, Bo Peep's Sheep and the rest of Molly's toys are kept in Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. In Toy Story, Molly initially did not have her own room, having to share a room with Andy. It was after the Davis' moved to a new home when she got her own room. This was revealed in Toy Story 2 by Bo Peep while all the toys were searching for Woody's hat. Her room is never seen until Toy Story 3, when Molly is rummaging through her old toys.

The Attic[]

Woody: "You wait: Andy’s gonna tuck us in the attic. It’ll be safe and warm..."
Buzz: "And we’ll all be together."
Woody: "Exactly. There’s games up there, and books, and...and..."
Buzz: "The race-car track."
Woody: "The race-car track. Thank you!"
Slinky: "And the old TV!"
Woody: "There you go, the old TV! And those guys from the Christmas decorations box! They’re fun, right?"
—Woody, Buzz and Slinky, during the staff meeting

In Toy Story 3, the Attic is the place where a seventeen-year-old Andy intends to store his toys, except Woody, before leaving for college. When Woody and Buzz hold a staff meeting days before Andy's departure, they mention the attic as a place where they can all be together, being there for Andy. The games, the books, the old TV and the race-car track are all mentioned to be stored in the attic. However, at the end of the film, the toys end up not being stored in the attic, but at Bonnie's house, where Woody has thought it will be better for his friends.


  • On Andy's desk is Luxo Sr. the father lamp from Luxo Jr., painted red.
  • In Toy Story, when Buzz Lightyear demonstrates how he flies, he bounces off the ball from Luxo Jr.
  • Before Buzz gets knocked out of the window, he runs away from a rolling globe, a reference to the film Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana Jones is running away from a giant, rolling boulder that chases him out of a temple in South America. During that scene, music from Raiders of the Lost Ark can also be heard. Also, a Wilhelm scream is heard after the lamp knocks Buzz out of the window.
  • The cloud wallpaper of Andy's bedroom also appears in Monsters, Inc. when Randall is practicing his camouflaging.
  • The TV on Andy's desk in Toy Story 2 has a game console on top that heavily represents a Super Nintendo. The second Toy Story begins with Rex playing a game on it. The most notable difference between the film console and the real world one is that the buttons on the controller are different in the film.
  • Mickey Mouse is seen on a large blue clock during scenes where Andy is a child. It is removed by Toy Story 3.
  • There is a driveway and a rain gutter to the left side of the house (facing Molly's room), that only appears in a flashback scene in Toy Story 4. This is different from the Davis' standard driveway, which leads up to the garage. In previous films, that second driveway is non-existent and is simply a grass lawn with several trees where the driveway and gutter are seen in the fourth film. This marks a continuity error, as the flashback scene was set between Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 - meaning the driveway and gutter would have been built shortly after the events of Toy Story 2, but dismantled in the 9 years between the two films, which is unlikely.
  • The address of Andy's old house is unknown (never mentioned).
  • The address of Andy's new house is 234 Elm Street, which is not mentioned until the third film.
  • The "Andy's House" level in the Toy Story 2 video game takes place in Andy's house. Molly's crib is still in the bedroom, however.
    • This is also the case for the Andy's Room level in Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure. Molly's crib is still in Andy's bedroom. The bedroom also has a bathroom connected to it. 
  • The calendar in Andy's bedroom used to show concept art from A Bug's Life in Toy Story and Toy Story 2, but now has a picture of Snot Rod (specifically, it is Snot Rod but without his eyes). Andy's calendar has also been shown to be in the month of August in all three Toy Story film.
  • One of the posters in Andy's bedroom shows Finn McMissile, a character in Cars 2.
  • On Andy's door is a sticker of a sign that reads "Newt Xing," a reference to the Pixar film Newt, which was initially slated for release in June 2012, but has since been canceled.
  • A sign on top of the door that leads to Andy's closet reads "W. Cutting" for West Cutting Boulevard, which is the address in Richmond, CA, where Pixar headquarters is situated.
  • Andy's room was also seen in Toy Story 3: The Video Game.
  • On one of the walls in Andy's bedroom is a banner that reads "P.U.", which stands for Pixar University, a professional-development program for Pixar employees.
  • A postcard pinned to a board atop Andy's dresser is from Carl and Ellie Fredricksen, two characters from Up.
  • One of the final shots of Toy Story 3 is a sky, which has a similar cloud pattern as the wallpaper in Andy's bedroom in Toy Story.
  • The pictures of the attic, the living room, the kitchen, the basement, the garage, and the backyard, shown in the gallery below, are from the Toy Story 2 video game. They're not actually shown in any of the movies.
  • Andy's door appeared in Monsters University.
  • The placement of the stars on Andy's wallpaper in the second, third, and fourth varies between films.
  • During scenes in which Andy is portrayed as a child, the titles on the room's bookshelf are references to early Pixar short films.