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The Ant Hunters are minor characters in A Bug's Life. They are members of Hopper's gang.

Major Roles

A Bug's Life

"As Dot and the Blueberries hide inside a hollow stalk, they overhear two grasshoppers talking about Hopper squashing the Queen. "She's dead. They cry. Boo hoo. We go home," one says. "Cool. I love our job," the other replies."[1]

They hunt for Dot and the Blueberry Troop, after they hide inside a stalk. One of the hunters found something. Dot hides from him, thinking it was her. It turns out it was one of the Blueberries' "capes." One of them puts it on his head, asking the other how he looks with it on. The other tells him he looks like an idiot, the one with the "cape" still on him thought it would keep him dry in the rain. The other gets mad at him and tells him that Hopper is gonna squish the Queen and that every ant will cry about it and the grasshoppers go home. The other, still wearing the "cape" on his head says it's cool, and loves the job of hunting for ants.