Aphie is the Queen's pet aphid in A Bug's Life. He is first shown being held by the Queen. Then he barks at Dot after she pops out of the ground. The Queen is mostly shown holding him. Aphie is shown to be terrified of Hopper and usually hides behind the Queen's crown.


Aphie resembles an aphid and is supposed to act like a small lap dog.


  • During the outtakes, Aphie begins to urinate in the Queen's lap, causing her to call for a towel while Flik and the crew laugh. If you count the original outtakes, he is also the first Pixar character to fart being tied with Roll in the alternate outtakes.
  • In real life, Aphie would be treated more like cattle instead of a dog. Aphids suck nectar out of plants and then excrete a sweet fluid for the ants to drink. In return, the ants protect the aphids from predators.
    • Additonally, Aphie would be considered a snack for Francis, as aphids are a common meal for ladybugs.
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