Austin Littleton is a character in Cars 2. He plays as Nigel Gearsley's crew chief.

Cars 2

"Austin may weigh a lot less than a ton, but boy he packs a punch! Coming from a long line of miniature champions, he is used to be one of England's premier rally racers. Austin's power-to-weight ratio fooled many competitors into underestimating him, leading to a string of British championships and a long-term role as a crew chief. His reputation for racing success was the key in Nigel Gearsley's request to be coached by Austin at the World Grand Prix. With Austin's underdog nature, and Nigel's renowned skill on the track, this pair is hard to beat!"[1]


  • Austin is modeled as a 1961 Mini Cooper.
  • Austin's first name makes allusion to the original Mini's name, Austin, while his last name "Littleton" references both to the little size of the Mini, and its weight, inferior to one ton.



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