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The BNL Starliners were the first Cruise Ships in space being used for the Space Tours program setup by BNL as a public coverup for the real reason why humanity was being whisked away into space, Operation Recolonize. Thousands of these ships where deployed laden with humans eagerly awaiting the tours to commence, soon followed by the Executive Starliners, one of them being the Axiom. Originally only to last for five years, the Space Tours program was lengthened indefintely due to Directive A-113. The area where the Space Tours would start is presumed to be in the Kuiper Belt. It is unknown if the Kuiper Belt was just the Axiom's destination or if the other BNL Starliners and Executive Starliners went to other places in the galaxy.


  • There is a possibility the Space Tours program was discontinued when the Axiom, or even if the rest of the Starliners, came back to Earth. If not, then there was a flaw in Buy 'N Large's plan for Operation Recolonize.


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