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For the short film, see BURN-E.

BURN-E (Basic Utility Repair Nanotechnology: Engineer class) is a character in WALL•E and the protagonist of the short film, BURN-E. He is a welding bot stationed on the Axiom. He is a very sleek and shiny robot, like all other robots on the Axiom. His face was designed to look like a welder's mask. BURN-E can only move on tracks around the Axiom because he only has one stick for a leg. Like EVE and WALL•E, he is a sentient being, whom doesn't take failure well.

After several failed attempts at repairing a light spire (thanks to WALL•E and EVE), he is locked out of the starliner after WALL•E and EVE enter through the door which he had left open while welding. He waits for hours on end, until he spots the garbage airlock being opened, but he is too late to get in as the WALL•A shut the airlock. Eventually, he figures to use his torch to get inside only for AUTO to tip the ship, causing him to nearly fall out into space. When the Axiom blasts off for Earth, BURN-E could see the space of hyperspace. Upon arrival to Earth, BURN-E attempted to find SUPPLY-R to reactivate the spire only to find the ship empty. In the life pod bay, he spots SUPPLY-R. Trying to get his attention, BURN-E accidentally hits the eject button, immediately sending him slamming into the ground. He reaches SUPPLY-R and reactivates the spire, only for the hatch of the life pod to strike it, damaging it again, while BURN-E collapes to the ground. SUPPLY-R then pats him, saying, "There, there." A BURN-E unit can also be seen at the end of WALL•E with the crowd of Axiom inhabitants (it's possible this is the same unit).


  • In the DVD extras, it says that he is reassigned to the Lido Deck on s'mores night.