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Bambino is the protagonist of La Luna.

La Luna

He goes out on a boat one night with his father and his grandfather who are constantly disagreeing. After he and his father and grandfather get onto the moon, his father gives him a bristly broom to sweep stars with, but his grandfather gives him a different broom. During their argument, Bambino makes fun of his father's mustache and his grandfather's beard matching the brooms' ends. Suddenly a massive star hurdles towards the moon and Bambino and his father and grandfather are quick to take shelter. When the star lands Bambino gathers enough courage to climb up to the very star and he gently taps it with a hammer and the star breaks. During the end Bambino is seen raking stars and soon returns down to the boat with his father and grandfather as they gaze up at the crescent moon in the night sky.


Bambino is a young child with light peach skin and dark brown hair and light grey eyes. He wears a white short sleeved shirt, brown dusty overalls with a red patch on the chest and a blue patch on the right pant leg. He also wears dark brown work boots and a light brown newsboy cap.