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"Hey bartender, Bloody Mary, O positive."
—The Bar Mosquito ordering a drink

The Bar Mosquito is a minor character in A Bug's Life.

Major Roles

A Bug's Life

"Flik asks a mosquito at the bar if he knows any tough bugs, but the bug is too blasted to listen. "Hey bartender, Bloody Mary, O positive," he calls. One slurp and he's out cold. Flik won't get any help from him."[1]

He is an alcoholic mosquito who was seen ordering a "Bloody Mary, O positive" from the bartender, and after he drank it, his body became large and then he passed out.


  • Despite being a male mosquito, he was seen drinking blood, when in reality, only female mosquitoes drink blood. His thorax also grew in size, when in reality, it would be the abdomen that would change size after drinking blood.
  • His order of a "Bloody Mary" references the alcoholic drink of the same name.
  • His voice sounds very similar to Squidward Tentacles, another character that Rodger Bumpass plays.