"I get the Corvette."
Hamm, as the toys watch Barbie being thrown in a box.

Barbie's Corvette is a pink fifth-generation Chevrolet Corvette that belongs to Barbie.

Toy Story 2

In the second film, a blue and white Corvette is seen when a bunch of Barbies were first seen partying in an aisle at Al's Toy Barn. Rex, Hamm, Mr. Potato Head and Slinky drive by this aisle while looking for Woody, when the Barbies catch their attention. After Hamm asks for directions to Al, the owner of the store, Tour Guide Barbie jumps into the Corvette and gives them a tour around Al's Toy Barn.

Toy Story 3

In the third film, a pink Corvette is seen driven by the Aliens in Andy's realistic play scenario, and a second is seen driven by Ken outside the dream house in the Ken's Dating Tips: # 24 video and stood outside the house again in the Groovin' with Ken! interview.




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