Barley Lightfoot is one of the main characters of Onward. He is rowdy yet compassionate and accompanies his brother Ian in getting the other half of their late father back after a spell to bring him back to life for 24 hours goes awry. 


On Ian's 16th birthday, his mother Laurel gifts him and his older brother Barley a staff their late father told her to give them when they were both over the age of 16. The staff is revealed to be a wizard staff that can summon their father back to life for 24 hours with a spell. After getting only half his body to return, the wizard staff conks out, and the boys are left with a topless father. Now they must find a way to summon the rest of their father within the 24 hours before it is too late. 


Barley is around his late teens to early twenties and has a stocky, muscular build to him. He has blue skin, long, dark blue hair covered by a black beanie, freckles, a light beard growing on his chin, a black t-shirt with a colored letter 'Q' on it that was covered by a ripped vest surrounded with a variety of patches and pins, army green shorts, a spiked bracelet on his right arm, a cast on his left, black and white shoes, and an indigo armband tattoo around his right bicep.

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