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Space Rangers is one of the Toy Story Treats that aired on ABC's Saturday morning line-up in 1996.


In the first short, Buzz is telling Rex, Snake, Robot, the Hockey Puck and the Aliens that it's not just the looks that make a Space Ranger, but the attitude. One of aliens does a somersault and says, "Eat laser, Zurg!" in a cool sounding voice, and Buzz looks at him, approvingly saying, "Now that's the right stuff."

Another one has Woody and Buzz going to see Rex, who has a goldfish bowl on his head for a helmet telling Woody that he's a Space Ranger. But Buzz tells him that Rex is only a "Space Cadet" because he keeps forgetting the secret handshake.

The final one has Buzz telling Rex that it takes more than a goldfish bowl to become a Space Ranger. He then sticks suction cup arrows to Rex's helmet, saying that now he's a real Space Ranger, and shakes his hand congratulating him.


  • This is one of the only other appearances the Hockey Puck had made after the original film.
  • The Suction cup arrows that were last seen stuck to Buzz in Sid's Room in the film are used here.
  • Rex's goldfish bowl helmet with the suction cups would later be used in Toy Story 2.


Toy Story Treats - Space Rangers

Toy Story Treats - Space Rangers

The Shorts

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