The Battle of Metroville was an incident that occured between the National Guard (Us Army) and several Supers and the Omnidroid v.10, launched by Buddy Pine.

Landing of the Omnidroid

The battle began when the Omnidroid v.10 was dropped into Metroville. As a result of the landings, the National Guard was sent to the city to investigate. Upon arriving, they circled the omnidroid with tanks, soldiers, and helicopters. When US soldiers began to go forward to investigate the Omnidroid, it activated and suddenly came to life. It began trashing the city and the National Guard tanks and soldiers fired on the omnidroid, but the armor on the robot's shell was able to withstand the firepower. It then activated it's gun and destroyed several tanks, eventually taking out the entire Army force, and resumed destroying the city.

The Supers arrive

As the Omnidroid was wrecking the city, the Incredibles escaped from Syndrome's base in Nomanisan Island and entered the city with a rocket and a truck. There, they went to the Financial District and found the robot. Mr. Incredible attacked the Omnidroid with his family and Frozone, but was beaten up by it. He did manage to take off one of the omnidroid's hands, which he later used as a missile to destroy the robot. The Incredibles then managed to take out the Omnidroid's gun and find Syndrome's remote, which controlled the robot.

Mr. Incredible realized that the only thing strong enough to penetrate the robots armor was itself, and got an idea on seeing the Omnidroid's hand. The Incredibles then used the remote to activate the Omnidroid hand into rocket mode. Mr. Incredible then threw the rocket arm at the robot. The arm successfully tore through the robot and ripped out it's power core, destroying it.

The supers were then cheered and applauded by the civilians. Even though much of Metroville was in ruins, the robot had been destroyed and the city's population had been saved.

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