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The Bay Area Skills Camp is a location in the 2024 Pixar film, Inside Out 2. The camp serves as a pivotal setting where the main character, Riley, faces new challenges and experiences that stir up a range of emotions.

Inside Out 2[]

In the film, Riley, now a teenager, is invited to the Bay Area Skills Camp by her high school coach. The invitation comes as a result of her impressive performance as a hockey star. The camp is seen as a stepping stone for Riley, with the potential of playing as a freshman beside her idol, Val Ortiz. The Bay Area Skills Camp is introduced at a critical juncture in the film. The night before the camp, Riley's mind undergoes a significant transformation. The familiar emotions of Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust witness the arrival of new emotions led by Anxiety.

This upheaval coincides with Riley's preparation for the camp, adding a layer of complexity to her emotional journey. The camp serves as a backdrop for Riley's internal struggle, as she is forced to choose between hanging out with her old friends or making new ones like Val. This dilemma leads to a coup by Anxiety, who exiles Joy's old emotions to the back of Riley's mind with a mountain of bad memories. The Bay Area Skills Camp is more than just a location in the film. It symbolizes the challenges and changes that come with growing up. Riley's experiences at the camp trigger a profound transformation in her emotional landscape, making it a key element in the narrative of the film's journey.


  • The Bay Area Skills Camp scenes were reviewed by a group of teenage consultants to ensure authenticity.
  • The camp is introduced in the film as Riley enters her teenage years, marking a significant shift in her emotional development.