Baz and Bernie[2][3] are minor characters in Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo

"You couldn't find two happier dwellers of the deep than Baz and Bernie. They dine all day on the waste from the Sydney Water Treatment Plant. When they're not feeding, they're shooting passers-by away from their gourmet goldmine. Though they are usually unfriendly to strangers, they do help Nemo find his dad, but only after Dory offers Bernie up to the local seagulls..."[4]

They surround the sewage pipes, fighting for the scraps which emerge through the bubbles. Bernie tries to catch Nemo, but fails. They constantly yell "Hey!" at any fish that swim past them.

Later, Nemo and Dory return, asking Baz and Bernie if they've seen Marlin. Bernie admits that he did, but refuses to give out any information... until Dory holds him above water, as a tempting morsel for the seagulls.

During the credits, Bernie can be seen dangling from one of the filmmakers' names.


  • Their names would be later reused for the crooks in the 2020 Thomas & Friends special 'Marvelous Machinery'.



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