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Bennie Caliper is a minor character in Cars. He is a Remirunabout Menv that loves movies.


"Bennie Caliper loves movies. He goes to the theater every chance he gets, and he loves the way a good story can take you away from the day to day troubles of your life. He is currently working on his first original screenplay about a cop that's forced to partner up with an inner city garbage truck, and it's called, "Trash Talkin' Cop.""[1]

He is seen watching movies with Mack while he comments on the roles of John Ratzenberger in Toy Car Story as Hamm, Monsters Trucks, Inc. as the Yeti, and A Bug's Life as P.T. Flea.


  • According to Car Finder, Bennie is a Remirunabout MenV. MenV is the procedural modelling environment that Bill Reeves developed with Eben Ostby for Pixar.


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