Bernie Kropp (also known as "Mr. Bernie Kropp", "Teacher", or simply "Bernie") is a character in The Incredibles.

The Incredibles

Bernie is Dash's long-suffering teacher. He is often a victim of Dash's practical jokes.

He eventually discovers that Dash has powers. Luckily for Dash, Bernie is dismissed as just being paranoid.


"Principal: "I appreciate you coming down here, Mrs. Parr."
(Helen looks at Dash)
Helen: "What's this about? Has Dash done something wrong?"
Principal: "Well--"
Bernie (pompously): "He's a disruptive influence, and he openly mocks me in front of the class.
Dash (sullenly): *He* says."
Bernie: "Look, I *know* it's you! He puts thumbtacks on my stool!"
Helen: "You *saw* him do this?"
Bernie: "Well-- not rea-- no. Actually not."
Helen: "Oh. Then how did you know it was him?"
Bernie: "I hid a camera."
(Bernie reveals a camera hidden in his pocket; Dash looks worried;Helen glares at Dash)
Bernie: "And this time I got him."
(Bernie plays the tape; as he is sitting down, a barely distinguishable blur passes between Dash's desk and Bernie's seat)
Bernie: "See?! You see it?"
(everyone squints)
Bernie: "Oh, you don't see it? (sighs)"
(Bernie plays the tape again, and rewinds it)
Bernie: "He moves! Right there!"
(Helen squints)
Bernie: "Wait, wait... right THERE! Right as I'm sitting down! I don't know. I don't know how he does it, bu bu but there's no tack on my stool *before* he moves, and *after* he moves, there's a tack! Coincidence? I think NOT!"
(Bernie glares at Helen and Dash)
Principal (gently): "Uh, Bernie..."
(The principal touches Bernie on the shoulder)
Bernie (takes the principal's hand off his shoulder): "Don't 'Bernie' me! (points to Dash) THIS LITTLE RAT IS GUILTY!!"
Principal (resigned, apologetic): "You an your son can go now, Mrs. Parr. I-- I'm sorry for the trouble."
(Shocked, Bernie drops the remote;Helen and Dash leave; once Dash's back is turned, he grins triumphantly)
Bernie: "You're letting him go again?! He's guilty! You can see it on his smug little face!"
(Bernie throws a tantrum and starts shaking the chair angrily)
(Helen closes the door, blotting out his voice)
Bernie: "GUILTY, GUILTY!! NO!!


Helen visits Dash's school and enters the principal's office.


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