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Betha Butterswagon is a minor character in Cars. She is a green Remirunabout Menv. She is a chilled-out vehicle who makes a living churning out license plate frames.

Major Roles


"Bertha Butterswagon has made a mint off her custom line of license plate frames, each one hand painted with little teddy cars. They've swept the nation and can be found in auto part stores everywhere. Who knew a homemade holiday gift for her sister would become such a hit?"[1]

Bertha drives along the side calmly, until she noticed Mack making faces behind a tanker and gets confused on what the semi-hauler is doing.


  • According to Cars Finder, Bertha is a Remirunabout MenV. MenV is the procedural modelling environment that Bill Reeves developed with Eben Ostby for Pixar.


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