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"Betty: I'm Monsters, Incorporated!
Sulley: Hey look! Betty!"
Sulley, as he and Mike watch the new company commercial

Betty is a minor character in Monsters, Inc..

Official Description

"Betty is one of the very lucky helpers who has been handpicked to appear in the Monsters, Inc. TV commercial. With her cheery grin and helpful demeanor, Betty helps project the idea that the company is one big happy family. Whether you choose to actually believe it—well, that's another matter entirely!"[1]

Monsters, Inc.

She is an aquamarine fish-like monster with her purple spots on her body. She has two eyes with purple pupils on her eyes. She has two legs on her body. She has two arms on her body. She has a blue fin on her back. She's an employee at Monsters, Inc. She drives a Southern Cab Monster Taxi Car on Monstropolis. She is an acquaintance of James P. Sullivan.

She appeared on the Monsters, Inc. commercial and was later seen at the factory.