Big Baby is one of the Sunnyside Daycare toys, who appears in Toy Story 3. He is a very big doll who is Lotso's "sidekick" or "muscleman", helping him with his bad deeds. He doesn't talk, he only communicates with baby sounds (except for one line saying mama close to the end of the film). Big Baby, along with Lotso, was left at the countryside. He ends up redeeming himself by throwing Lotso in the dumpster after realizing the lies he told him about his previous owner, Daisy.

Toy Description

From Official Website:

"Your little one will love this baby doll with his soft, cuddly fabric body and vinyl arms, legs, and face. With dazzling blue eyes that open and close, this realistic baby encourages nurturing play. Eighteen inches tall, he comes dressed in an adorable yellow onesie with matching bonnet, and has his own magical bottle of milk that disappears while he drinks! A perfect first doll for your special child. Machine washable on gentle cycle. Flame retardant."


  • The scene in which Big Baby throws Lotso into the dumpster is a direct reference to "Star Wars Episode 6: 'Return of the Jedi", in which Darth Vader throws Emperor Palpatine into the reactor shaft of the Second Death Star.
  • Thanks to Lee Unkrich's Twitter account, the baby who did the voice for Big Baby is named Woody.
  • He has a broken eye, a possible reference to Babyface.
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