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The Big Bird is the main protagonist of the Pixar short For the Birds.

For the Birds

He is a tall thin bird who one day lands on the telephone wire Bully and his flock of birds (including Chipper, Snob, and Neurotic) were already perching on. When Bully and his flock notice how different the Big Bird was, the smaller birds immediately start making fun of him. The Big Bird then lands between the smaller birds, but his weight causes the wire to sag and bend downwards, causing the smaller birds to slide toward him and therefore making him very annoyed. Bully then bites Big Bird's leg, causing him to fall off, but he still manages to hold onto the wire. Bully, still trying to get rid of him immediately, has all of the smaller birds peck at Big Bird's toes causing him to lose grip one by one, but when there was only one of Big Bird's toes still grabbing onto the wire, Neurotic immediately tries to tell them to stop, but the other birds won't listen, and as a result, Big Bird falls off the wire and causes it to bounce back up, knocking all of the smaller birds upwards. Big Bird lands safely on the ground, while Bully and the other smaller birds all end up losing their feathers and running behind him out of embarrassment, to which Big Bird shrugs.


  • The Big Bird appears to resemble either a shoebill or a hamerkop (both tall, stork-like birds native to eastern Africa whose beaks resemble a wooden clog and a hammer, respectively).
  • Big Bird is also the name of a Jim Henson character associated with Sesame Street. However, the Sesame Street characters, unlike the Muppets, have no connection to Pixar.