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Blenny is a supporting character in Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo

"You can see how scared little Blenny was at being invited to join the "Fish Are Friends" group. At the sight of Anchor the hammerhead shark, Blenny's eyes nearly popped out. And after meeting Chum and Bruce they kind of stayed that way. A quick thinker, Blenny makes a swift exit while all eyes are on Chum. The mako shark has let down the friendly ideals of the group by bringing along a special pal and eating him before the meeting has even started!"[1]

Blenny is Anchor's fish friend for the sharks' "Fish Are Friends, Not Food" convention group. When Anchor introduces him at the sharks' meeting, he looks nervous. After he sees a fish's skeleton hanging from Chum's mouth, he escapes the meeting, swimming away as fast as he can.

After the end credits for Finding Nemo roll, a quivering Blenny overcomes his fears and consumes the Anglerfish in a single bite.


  • Although Blenny is not identified by name on screen, a video game for the Macintosh cites the little green fish's name.[2]
  • The name is quite likely a reference to the suborder blennioidei, which is commonly known as "blenny."
  • It is unknown what species Blenny is, but he most closely resembles a bubble-eyed goldfish with green scales. However, this is a freshwater species when Blenny is shown to live in the sea.