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{{Character|image=Bluegrit.jpg|performer=[[Jess Harnell]]|appear=''[[The Radiator Springs 500½]]''}}'''Blue Grit''' is a character in ''[[The Radiator Springs 500½]]''.
The Revolution was here?!
==''The Radiator Springs 500½''==
In ''The Radiator Springs 500½'', he comes to [[Radiator Springs]] with [[Sandy Dunes]], [[Shifty Sidewinder]] and [[Idle Threat]] to challenge [[Lightning McQueen]] to an off-road race. He is a blue off-road Trophy Truck with a gray space frame attached to his front, and flames painted on him. He has four off-road headlights on his head, and two spare tires in his cargo area. On his rear fenders, he has a white bull face shape with red lines and blue text saying "Blue Bulldozer." He is the largest of the Baja pros, but also seems to be the dumbest.
*Blue Grit is a trophy truck.<ref name=EW>[ Lightning McQueen revs his engine off-road in Pixar's new Radiator Springs short -- EXCLUSIVE]</ref>
*Blue Grit's sponsor "Blue Bulldozer" and color scheme allude to Red Bull, a major sponsor of car racing including off-road racing.
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The Revolution was here?!

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