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Marlin: "Excuse me, is this where we meet his teacher?"
Bob: "Well, look who's out of the anemone."
Marlin: "Yes. Shocking, I know."
Bob: "Marty, right?"
Marlin: "Marlin."
Bob: "Bob."
Ted: "Ted."
Phil: "Phil."
—Bob, Ted, and Phil introducing themselves to Marlin

Bob is a supporting character in Finding Nemo. He is Sheldon's father.

Finding Nemo

"This sociable seahorse likes to know every dad on the reef, and is pleased to see that shy Marlin has finally come out of his anemone home to bring his kid to school. Sadly, the pair get off on the wrong fin when Bob calls Marlin "Marty," and Marlin calls Bob "Pony Boy." Bob is a strict father and is not afraid to lecture his son Sheldon in public or even give him a quick tail-lashing. But Bob is good at heart, and makes sure his son treats Nemo kindly on his first day of school."[1]

He hangs out with Ted and Phil as they each drop their kids off to school in Mr. Ray's class. He calls Marlin "Marty" instead of "Marlin." He tends to be very firm with Sheldon; for instance, yelling at him to get out of Mr. Johanson's yard or smacking him in the back for making fun of Nemo's fin. He, Ted and Phil ask Marlin to tell them a joke since he's a clownfish, to which Marlin tries, but has difficulty telling it. However, when Marlin returns from his journey, he manages to tell a good one that has all three rolling over with laughter. Also, when Bob asks Marlin if he really did all the things he said he did, the vegetarian sharks Bruce, Anchor and Chum appear to drop off Dory, thereby answering Bob's question.

Finding Dory

He, Ted and Phil were originally going to appear in a deleted scene where Marlin imagines him beating up Bruce.[3]