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The Bookworm is a character in Toy Story 3. He started out as a minor antagonist, but in the end was reformed.

Toy Story 3

Bookworm is an intelligent worm toy with a built-in flashlight.

He keeps a "library" of sorts in a closet at Sunnyside Daycare which holds instruction manuals for many different toys, including Buzz Lightyear. He gives Lotso a manual to reset Buzz, allowing Lotso to make Buzz one of his cohorts (as well as returning Buzz to when he thought he was a real space ranger in the first Toy Story movie).

Later, after Woody returns to rescue his friends and bring them back to Andy's house, Bookworm is seen again, handing "Spacesuit Ken" (unaware that it's really Barbie in disguise) a Buzz Lightyear manual, he reacts with disgust when he discovers that "Ken" is actually wearing high heels.

After Lotso is removed from Sunnyside, it is highly implied that Bookworm has been convinced of Lotso's treachery, so he reforms, as with the case of the other Sunnyside toys who have previously served Lotso. During the film credits, Bookworm is seen happily using his flashlight to illuminate a disco ball when a disco party is being held in the Butterfly Room.

Toy Description

From Official Website:

Story time becomes extra special when Bookworm joins the fun! This bedtime reading companion encourages your children's love of reading, while keeping them company with his happy smile. Bookworm's sturdy purple flashlight features an extra-long-lasting light bulb, bright enough to read by without causing eyestrain. Two C batteries included. Ages 4 and up.


  • Bookworm appears to have been based on the Glo Worm toys of the 1980s.
  • His glasses are somewhat similar to Mr. Skipperdoo's.
  • Lotso seems to disapprove, if not dislike, him. This can be seen after he tosses Buzz Lightyear's manual at his feet, Lotso gives him a somewhat disapproving glance. This may also imply that Bookworm did not enjoy being one of Lotso's gang.
  • Bookworm is the third Pixar character voiced by Richard Kind, after Molt and Van.


"Here it is. It was filed under 'Lightyear'."
—Bookworm, after finding Buzz's manual, and then throwing it over to Lotso
Bookworm: "(Sighs) I don't know why this couldn't have waited until morning, Ken, but here you go."
(As "Ken" walks away, Bookworm notices that "he's" wearing high heels)
Bookworm (disgusted): "Huh?! Sheesh!"
—Bookworm, as he hands Barbie (in the "Spacesuit Ken" disguise) the Buzz Lightyear instruction manual, and then noticing that "he" is wearing high heels