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Boundin' is a 2003 Pixar short film. It was written and directed by Bud Luckey.


In the west lives a lamb whose pride and joy is his wool. When a man comes and shears him, the lamb becomes depressed and uncomfortable without his wool. Later, a Jackalope arrives to the sulking lamb to teach him to bounce back from life's troubles by telling the lamb to conquer his fear without wool. The Jackalope tells the lamb that he can still bounce around the meadow, even without his wool. Getting used to jumping without wool, the lamb gets his wool back again as the time passes by. Some time later, the lamb gets sheared again and this time gets used to bouncing without wool, thanks to the Jackalope who helped him.

Voice Cast[]


  • This is the first theatrical short to have dialogue. To date, this and Lava are the only Pixar shorts to feature dialogue that aren't based on a pre-existing property. Indeed, the man talking on the radio in Day & Night is a recording of a speech by Dr. Wayne Dyer.[1]
  • Bud Luckey, who performed all the voices, played Rick Dicker in The Incredibles and Chuckles the Clown in Toy Story 3. He also worked on Sesame Street as the Alligator King in an animated short and voiced Eeyore in the 2011 Disney film Winnie the Pooh.
    • In Hawaiian Vacation, according to commentary on the Pixar shorts DVD collection, the luau chant that Chuckles does roughly translates to "Bound and rebound", a line from this short.
  • In the first draft, Rick Dicker was going to sit on a chair and tell the story.
  • The car that the man drives is the same car model as Stanley from Cars. There is a statue of Stanley in that film.
  • The hand that grabs the lamb belongs to the dentist from Finding Nemo.
    • Additionally, the fish seen in this short are based on Gurgle.
  • The Cars DVD and Blu-ray contain a version of Boundin' with Mater as the Jackalope and Lightning McQueen as the lamb. Guido is also seen briefly as six groundhogs.