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Bruce Boxmann is a character from Cars 2.

Cars 2

"Bruce is among the world's most demanding crew chiefs. He's notorious around the racing world for his intense, revved-up training sessions. Bruce is incredibly strict on his current racing champion, Lewis Hamilton, keeping him on a daily regimen of 100 hot laps and 2 hours of chicane work each morning. He expects Hamilton to maintain the same technical discipline, whether he's casually driving around town or going all-out in competition. With focused training like this, it's no wonder that Boxmann and Lewis are a highly favored team to win at the World Grand Prix."[1]



  • Although Bruce Boxmann is said to be a 2005 ABG P4700[1] and Bob Cutlass a 1998 Saxon GTSC, Bruce Boxmann has the same car body as Bob Cutlass.
  • His license plate says 75R VT 2A.


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