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Bubbha is a Velociraptor in The Good Dinosaur. He is the leader of his gang.

Official Bio

"Raptors prey on the prized herd of longhorns that belong to Butch and his Tyrannosaurus Rex family. Raptors—or Rustlers, as Butch calls them—sport wiry, feathered bodies and hardly compare in size or strength to a T-Rex. But as a group, the Raptors pose quite a threat, and even a T-Rex may need to call in reinforcements before tangling with them."[1]



  • Compared to the more well-known Raptors from the film Jurassic Park, Bubbha is actually a more anatomically accurate depiction of a Velociraptor: skinny and lanky, with a long, narrow snout and possessing feathers.
    • Bubbha however only sports feathers on his neck, back, and tail (and is bald in most other places) as supposed to real raptors which are believed to be completely covered in feathers, as well as wing-like plumes on their forearms.