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Bud is a minor character in Cars. He is a Luckyliner Gentleman.

In some respects he is also quite a lucky gentleman, as he's been coming to watch the Piston Cup for a long, long time.


"Bud's a classy rig and long-time Piston Cup loyalist who's got a funny anecdote for every racer on the track. For just a few liters of Dinoco oil, he'll probably spill a secret or two."[1]

Bud is seen at the Motor Speedway of the South, among hundreds of other caravans drinking Dinoco oil.


  • According to Car Finder, Bud is a Luckeyliner Gentleman. This is a fictional model.
  • Both Bud and his make (Luckeyliner) are named after Bud Luckey, who did additional storyboarding and visual development for the movie. He voiced the Jackalope from Boundin', who is featured in a mural on the back of the rig (not car-ified). In fact, the Car Finder description of Bud seems to almost describe Bud Luckey himself.



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