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Bully is a character in For the Birds.

For the Birds

Bully is the first bird to land on the telephone wire. Sitting close together with other birds is problematic enough, but then they are interrupted by a Big Bird who wants to join them. They all start mocking him, but then he flies over. Bully then pecks him in the stomach, which causes him to slide upside down, hanging by his feet. He and Snob start pecking his toes, but then they stop, realizing they'll be shot into the air after seeing that the Big Bird's weight has pulled the telephone wire nearly to the ground. The Big Bird falls off the wire anyway, and all the small birds are all launched into the air. Bully lands first, naked, and the Big Bird starts laughing at him and all of the rest of the birds that land. Oddly, Bully is the only small bird with an official name.


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