Buzz Lightyear commercial

Buzz Lightyear commercial

The fictitious commercial for Buzz Lightyear toys in Toy Story.

"Buzz Lightyear! The world's greatest superhero, now the world's greatest toy!"
—A quote from the Buzz Lightyear commercial

The Buzz Lightyear commercial is a TV commercial that Buzz Lightyear watches while he and Woody are still trapped in Sid's house in Toy Story.

Being chased by Sid's dog Scud, Woody hides in a closet while Buzz ducks into a room where Mr. Phillips is seen sleeping on a La-Z-Boy, the sight that makes Scud back away. As Buzz sighs in relief, he hears a voice "reporting" from Star Command calling for Buzz. Thinking he can finally rendezvous with Star Command, he opens his wrist communicator, but hears a child's voice representing a responding Buzz Lightyear, then he looks up to see that the voice is actually coming from a TV in which a commercial is airing. A series of features on a Buzz Lightyear action figure is then screened on the TV, such as the locking wrist communicator, karate-chop action, pulsating laser light, multi-phrase voice simulator, and high-pressure space wings. A message saying "NOT A FLYING TOY" is then displayed, making Buzz realize for the first time that he is just a toy, to his dismay.

The commercial closes with the announcement of the Buzz Lightyear action figures available at all Al's Toy Barn outlets in the Tri-County Area.


  • In Up, the Grape Soda trademark on the "Ellie Badge" is the same as the one printed on the cans in the Buzz Lightyear commercial.
  • The commercial appears to precede a televised bowling tournament (as seen on the reflection of the TV monitor seen on Buzz's helmet) that Mr. Phillips appears to be watching.
  • This is a special feature on the Toy Story 10th anniversary DVD.
  • In the commercial, it says that the Buzz Lightyear toys are sold at Al's Toy Barn, which is one of the locations in Toy Story 2.
  • This commercial has gained notoriety for being used as a meme with the lines "Buzz Lightyear" and "The world's greatest superhero" being played loud in several memes on Youtube.
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