Cal Weathers is a character in Cars 3. He is the nephew of Strip Weathers, and races for team Dinoco. He is also one of Lightning McQueen's newest friendly rivals during the Piston Cup season.

Cars 3

"Weathers grew up around the track watching his uncle, Strip "The King" Weathers, tear it up. The veteran racer finds himself taking a step back to make room for the next generation on the track."[1] Cal Weathers was one of the most significant racers of Lightning McQueen's generation. Nevertheless, he appears to be considered weaker than the racers usually employed by Dinoco, at least by Tex Dinoco's account. He is shown to be very close to Lightning McQueen and Bobby Swift, and they often pull pranks on each other. At one point, Cal gets his tires inflated after winning a race. Cal Weathers decided to retire mid-season as the competition is increasingly dominated by next-gen racers including the ruthless Jackson Storm. Upon his departure, he tells McQueen that their friendship was the part of racing that he enjoyed the most. He later appears near the end of the film after Tex makes another joke at Cal's expense when hiring Cruz Ramirez as the new Dinoco racer.


  • Prior to his name being finalized, Cal had two working names, which include "Hank Weathers" and "Strip Weathers, Jr.".
  • He is also sometimes known for his bad comebacks, which always result in "Good comeback, Cal."
  • He is shown to have only won one race in the movie.
  • Before voicing Cal Weathers, Kyle Petty once visited the Lights, Camera, Action: Extreme Stunt Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios during its opening at the said theme park. The stunt show featured vehicles doing stunts similar to a real film.The footage was shown in a Christmas Day Parade at Disney World during 2005.
  • According to Tex, it was noted that Cal wasn't one of Dinoco's greatest racers when he gives Cruz Ramirez the Dinoco sponsorship. This somewhat references that Kyle Petty never won a NASCAR championship in real-life despite being the son of Richard Petty, though he has won eight races.
  • His name is a possible reference to actor Carl Weathers.



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