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Carla Veloso Turntable

Darrell Cartrip: "There's smoke on the casino bridge!"
David Hobbscap: "Oh, no!"
Brent Mustangburger: "It's Carla Veloso, the Brazilian race car!"
—The announcers after Carla Veloso's engine gets blown up.

Carla Veloso is a supporting character in Cars 2.

Cars 2[]

Carla hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she’s been known to dance the night away at the famous ‘CAR-nival’ but nothing makes her happier than being on the racetrack. Carla was drafted into the 24-hour endurance racing team in Europe after setting a new track record on her local circuit. Now, in the World Grand Prix, this proud Brazilian Le Motor Prototype racer wears the #8.

She is seen in all three races and also in the one at Radiator Springs. In the Tokyo race, she finishes in 3rd place. In the Italy race, she is the first car hit by the lemons' radiation beam. She gets fixed though and gets back up to race. In London, her pit was next to Jeff Gorvette's pit on the left. She has no lines in the film.

Cars 2: The Video Game[]

Carla is playable in Cars 2: The Video Game, where she is trained in spy missions by Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell at C.H.R.O.M.E., along with doing races with her friends. In "Lightning the Mood" before the first race in Radiator Springs, Mater welcomes Carla, Jeff and your player (Lightning McQueen if you're playing as Mater, Jeff or her), telling them that they should have the right speed to outrun Frank. Wondering who Frank is, Carla notes him to sound "strong and handsome", to which Mater admits that she "got the strong part right". Finally, everyone completes all the simulations, although Francesco is not able to master all the missions.

Unlike in the movie, she has a big speaking role.

In order to play as Carla, the player has to unlock her by leveling up to Clearance Level 2. She is one of the medium class racers, having more speed than power.

Disney Infinity[]

Carla is a non-playable character in the Cars Play Set for the first Disney Infinity game. In the storyline, Luigi invites her to a race consisting of Radiator Springs' townsfolk, Francesco, Todoroki, Chick Hicks and The King. Occasionally, she is one of the opponents in the regular and battle races that the player takes part in.

While she is in the play set itself, she is not available in the Toy Box, as she is not in the category of cast member toys. This also marks her only appearance in the Disney Infinity series, apart from a picture seen in Ramone's House of Body Art.

Cars: Fast as Lightning[]

Carla is one of the playable characters in the mobile game Cars: Fast as Lightning. In the game, she builds her own race track as part of McQueen's extravaganza. Carla is unlocked when the player beats her while playing as Miguel Camino in his tournament races. Unlocking Carla also unlocks her race track and pit, the latter placed as a building in Radiator Springs. Occasionally, she sleeps in her pit, usually when the player is not around. She also has four paint jobs that the player can use: Carnaval, Quente, ICE, and Neon Carla. These are unlocked by using gems, or earning stickers in practice races on her track.


Retrieved from Stitch Kingdom via the Web Archive.[1]

  • Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Top Speed: 206 mph
  • Zero – 60 mph: 2.8 seconds
  • Engine Type: 5.5-liter twin turbo diesel V-12
  • Horsepower: 725
  • Vehicle Type: 2009 Le Motor Prototype B12 Racer


  • Carla's pit crew chief is Cruz Besouro.
  • In the Brazilian version of Cars 2, Carla replaces Jeff Gorvette and becomes the car Lightning McQueen meets along with Lewis Hamilton at the World Grand Prix opening party. Her performer is the singer (and later, The Voice Brasil judge) Claudia Leitte.
  • Carla speaks in Cars 2: The Video Game by the actress named Jossara Jinaro, and the audio was used again for Cars: Fast as Lightning.
  • Carla Veloso was first supposed to be named Marlena Wolfsburg (According to a deleted race scene in Germany and a deleted race scene in Paris).[2] She was then going to be called Sonia Santana, once her nationality was changed from German to Brazilian, and then ended up with the name Carla Veloso.
  • In Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure, the player as a car is the same model as Carla Veloso if the player is a female.
  • Based on an earlier concept design as well as the deleted race scene in Germany, Carla Veloso was originally depicted as a German Le Mans Prototype. Her livery from the concept design is slightly reminiscent of a 2009 Audi R15 TDi.
  • According to Meet the Cars, Carla is a 2009 Le Motor Prototype B12 Racer which is a Pixar in-house design. Her vehicle model name is a reference to one of her main design inspirations called the Drayson Lola B09/60 Judd, an LMP1 that raced from 2009-2010 and later evolved into the Lola-Drayson B12/69 EV in 2012. This prototype is also shown in a Cars 2 documentary "Many Nations, One Race", as well as the B12/69 EV being shown in a Cars 2 magazine.
  • While the Drayson Lola B09/60 has a 5.5-liter V10 in real life, Carla is powered by a 5.5-liter twin-turbo diesel V12 which was only used by Audi R10 TDi and Peugeot 908 HDi.
  • Carla's LMP model name "B12" is the name of the Le Mans Prototypes built by Lola Cars in 2012.
  • She is the only female racer in the World Grand Prix.
  • As a die-cast, she is very rare as a single but is available in variety of box sets.
  • According to her official bio from the Meet the Cars book, she participates in 24-hour endurance races held in Europe meaning that Carla Veloso's racing league is an allusion to the European Le Mans Series (ELMS) which is a subdivision of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.