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john ratzenberger mack
john ratzenberger mack
joe ranft red
michael caine finn mcmissile
michael caine finn mcmissile

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Full credits for Cars 2.

Directed By

Original Story By

Screenplay By

Ben Queen


owen wilson lightning mcqueen

larry the cable guy mater

teresa gallagher maters computer

bonnie hunt sally carrera

cheech marin ramone

tony shalhoub luigi

guido quaroni guido

jenifer lewis flo

paul dooley sarge

michael wallis sheriff

george carlin fillmore

katherine helmond lizzie

john ratzenberger mack

michael caine finn mcmissile

emily mortimer holley shiftwell

john turturro francesco bernoulli

franco nero uncle topolino

vanessa redgrave mama topolino / the queen

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