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==Voice cast==
==Voice cast==
*[[Owen Wilson]]: [[Lightning McQueen]]<ref>[ Owen Wilson: "Men trust the chicks" (in Italian)]</ref>
*[[Owen Wilson]]: [[Lightning McQueen]]<ref>[ Owen Wilson: "Men trust the chicks" (in Italian)]</ref>
The rest of the Radiator Springs gang and [[Tow Mater|Mater]] are likely to appear.

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Cars 3 is an upcoming Pixar film, and the second sequel to the 2006 film Cars, scheduled to be released on June 16, 2017.[2] At the Disney stockholder meeting on March 18, 2014, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that Pixar had begun pre-production on Cars 3.[3][4]

It was previously assumed that Pixar would order a third film in the Cars franchise after the box office and merchandising success of Cars 2. On August 17, 2013, voice actor Michael Wallis told radio audiences that Cars 3 would take place on California's Route 99.[5] In October 2014, John Lasseter revealed at the Tokyo International Film Festival that the film will feature a tribute to Hayao Miyazaki's film The Castle of Cagliostro in a form of an old Citroën 2CV.[6]

At the 2015 São Paulo Disney Expo, it was hinted that the film would be released in Brazil in 2018.[7] In an interview John Lasseter did with Autoweek on the occasion of Pixar's 2015 bi-annual Motorama car show, he gave a potential release date of summer 2018.[8]

Voice cast

The rest of the Radiator Springs gang and Mater are likely to appear.


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