Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales: The Video Game is a video game based on Cars Toons: Mater's Tall Tales. There are levels for each of the episodes, except the ones that are exclusive on the Cars Toons DVD and Heavy Metal Mater.


  • Rescue Squad Mater
    • Race to the Scene
    • Firetruck's Carry
    • Super Squirtin'
    • Save the Stuff
    • Emergency Escort
  • Unidentified Flying Mater
    • Hit the Cans
    • Hubcap Hubbub
    • Canyon Chaos
    • Creepers Peepers
    • Desert Dash
  • Mater the Greater
    • High Hoops
    • Whirling Bars of Dent
    • Mater's Favorite Fan
    • Big Bad Jumpin'
    • High Dive
  • El Materdor
    • Mucho Matcho
    • Pass the Cape
    • Roar of the Roses
    • No Way, Ole
    • Dozer Dodging
  • Tokyo Mater
    • Mater-Fication
    • Downtown Drifters
    • Lose Them Ninjas
    • Construction Zone
    • Up the Tower
  • Monster Truck Mater
    • I-Scream Ring King
    • Score a Goal
    • Big Time Brawlin'
    • Ring Fighter Alpha
    • Beat the Monster

Voice Cast

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