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Which category should we use for shorts related to a feature film? We have a mixture currently, some use the main feature film category while others use the Culture category. For instance, George and A.J. and Dug's Special Mission have the Up category, while BURN-E has the WALL•E Culture category, and Your Friend the Rat has the Ratatouille Culture category. I don't think I care, just want to be consistent. At first I thought the main category was "right", and that the Culture category was more for things directly in the feature film. But the more I think about it, maybe since the short film resides in the world of the feature film, then it should go in Culture.

A related question, or perhaps something that will help us decide the previous question, should the Toy Story short films (Partysaurus Rex, Hawaiian Vacation, Small Fry) have the Toy Story Culture category? They all have the Toy Story Productions category. This makes me think that the Toy Story Productions category is similar to using the main film category. And I wouldn't want to add the Toy Story Culture category to those films. --Jeff (talk) 21:39, August 25, 2017 (UTC)