Mater: "Excuse me. What are you selling?"
Celine: (she opens her eyes) "Headlights, monsieur, headlights?"
Mater: (gasps) "What in the... Ahh!" (drives away)
Celine: "Two for one! I give you good price!"
Mater: (still driving away) "It's OK! I'm good!"
Mater meets Celine Dephare.

Celine Dephare (pronounce "say•leen duh•far") is a minor character in Cars 2. Her name means Celine "of headlights" in French.

Cars 2

Celine's eyes are in her headlights, the car part she coincidentally sells in Paris at the Marché Aux Pièces. When Mater strolls into her stall, her unusual appearance scares him away.


  • The character is a reference to John Lasseter feeling it was more appealing for cars' eyes to be on their windshields instead of in their headlights, the typically preferred location for anthropomorphized vehicles, such as those in Chevron advertisements.
  • She's the only character in the whole Cars series with eyes in her headlights.
  • Her license plate, revealed in her Mattel die-cast release, is CUR 10 SIT3. "Curiosité" is the French word for "curiosity," an apt description of Celine.
  • Unlike the other Cars vehicles, Celine's windows are fully transparent and reveal her interior, which features such real-world elements as a rearview mirror, seats, a dashboard, and a steering wheel. (However, her die-cast's windows are completely opaque.)
  • Celine's design appears to be derived from a hard-top rené bonnet.
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