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Charlie Checker is a minor character in Cars. He is a yellow 2004 Capital Motors. He is the official pace car of the Piston Cup.

Charlie can tell everyone he's been in the lead in a world-class race. He takes his job very seriously.


"Charlie Checker is the Piston Cup Official Pace Car. Charlie wears his amber lights with pride. He's no horsepower champ, but he doesn't mind. After all, he's always in the lead and NOBODY passes him, and that is exactly how he likes it."[1]

He first appears driving in front of Lightning McQueen while the other Piston Cup racers are in the pits at the Motor Speedway of the South.

Later, he drives in front of The King and Chick Hicks during McQueen's pit stop at the Los Angeles International Speedway.


  • According to Car Finder, Charlie is a 2004 Capitol Motors Econ 6 YL 3.0 Liter.
  • Charlie's die-cast incorrectly depicts him with orange tail lights. However, there was also a correct version released with red tail lights.




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