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The Chef[1] is a minor character in Monsters, Inc..

Monsters, Inc.

"Chef works at the exclusive sushi restaurant Harryhausen's. Having lots of tentacles means he can prepare several dishes at the same time, although juggling cleavers and knives simultaneously has left one of his tentacles in bandages!"[1]

He is a red octopus-like monster who works at Harryhausen's. His six tentacles allow him to serve food to the patrons at a rapid pace. One of his tentacles has been cut due to an juggling accident. He also wears a bandera that has a Kanji 志 (meaning "resilience") on his head.

On the night when Mike Wazowski has taken his girlfriend Celia Mae for her birthday dinner at the restaurant, Boo escapes out of Sulley's bag and jumps in front of him. This causes mass panic in the restaurant, prompting the Chef to call the CDA to decontaminate the restaurant. He himself then flees the restaurant.

The Chef is portrayed by Bile in Mike's company play "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me."


  • A painting of Marlin from Finding Nemo is visible on the wall behind the Chef.
  • His six tentacles (vs. eight) are a reference to It Came from Beneath the Sea, a 1955 science-fiction film in which Ray Harryhausen created an octopus with only six arms, due to budget restrictions.