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Chuckles is one of the minor characters in Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo

Gurgle: (panicking) "She wouldn't stop shaking the bag."
Bubbles: "Poor Chuckles."
Deb: (Voice breaking) "He was her present last year."
Bloat: "Hitched a ride on the porcelain express."
Peach: She's a fish killer."
Bubbles, Gurgle, Peach, Deb and Bloat, about Chuckles

"A run-of-the-mill goldfish, Chuckles was never the most attractive species in the tank. So it came as a surprise when Darla picked him out. The poor guy was belly-up before he even made it out the door, as Darla has a terrible habit of shaking the plastic bag to see if it livens the fish up. Chuckles used to like hanging out by the old shipwreck, so the tank gang leaves that corner of the tank alone, out of respect. Chuckles took the "porcelain express," which means he was flushed down the dentist's toilet and out to sea. Who knows, maybe he was faking, like Nemo?"[1]

In Finding Nemo, Chuckles was a goldfish who was only seen in a picture. He was a pet for Darla, but is thought to be dead because Darla wouldn't stop shaking the bag he was in.


  • He shares the same name as Chuckles the Clown from Toy Story 3.
  • According to Pixarpedia, he was actually faking like Nemo, meaning that he's alive.
  • In the essential guide for Finding Nemo, Chuckles' favorite spot was the crow's nest in the aquarium's pirate ship.
  • Chuckles is not an animated fish, but a photography of a real goldfish inside an aquarium, cut and pasted into the animated plastic bag Darla is holding in Philip Sherman's picture. This makes Finding Nemo the first Pixar film to have a real-life sequence. Director Andrew Stanton would also later use real-life sequences in his second Pixar film WALL-E when this film have live-action appearances of the people in the Axiom commercial and the BNL CEO Shelby Forthright, portrayed by Fred Willard.