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The sword, symbol of the DunBroch clan

Clan DunBroch is a Scottish clan in Brave. It is the ruling clan of the kingdom of the same name, to which belongs King Fergus and his family, including Merida. Its symbol is the sword.

The Family seat of Clan DunBroch and the Royal Seat of The Kingdom of DunBroch.

The family seat of the clan is Castle DunBroch, a stone castle overlooking a fjord.


The Clan's tartan

Sample of the DunBroch tartan as registered of the Scottish Register of Tartans

The tartan worn by the members of the clan is mainly colored in gray, dark turquoise, and scarlet.

The DunBroch tartan pattern is physically impossible to make with traditional tartan weaving methods.[1]

Disney/Pixar has registered its pattern on the Scottish Register of Tartans, and gave the following information :

The DunBroch Tartan was designed with subdued, rich colours to reflect the rugged, natural setting of Scotland. Representative of the tartan worn by the Royal Family in 'Brave', the pattern is neither splashy nor bright, but organically refined in its colour sense. There was a concerted effort to use hues that were indicative of the less saturated dyeing techniques during the ancient period in which the fantasy film is set.

Much like Scotland itself, the DunBroch Tartan is set against the ocean blue of the North Sea. The deep scarlet represents the family’s reverence for its own history, and the blood shed during battles between the clans. Deep green shows a love for Scotland’s majestic highlands, where the story of Disney Pixar’s 'Brave' unfolds. Navy blue, and its clear central intersections, represents the forging of the clans within the DunBroch kingdom. And finally, the subtle grey imbues a sense of respect for the inner soul of the strong Scottish people.

It should be noted however that the tartan officially registered is somewhat different from the one in the movie, the latter being made of a very coarse fabric that doesn't have as much detail and color. Nevertheless, it matches the one John Lasseter, Mark Andrews and others wore for premieres of Brave.

Known Members