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"I could have been dead! I COULD HAVE DIED!"
—Claws Ward, to his assistant

Pete "Claws" Ward is a minor character in Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.

Claws is a blue crocodile-like monster with razor-sharp claws and horrifying breath. He is very good friends with Lanky Schmidt and George Sanderson.

Claws first appears in the Monsters Inc. ad, the one where Mike's face is hidden, when the ad notes that each child's scarer is matched to the child's fears, and it shows Claws being matched to a young boy.

Claws appears on the Scare Floor in Monsters, Inc. and the sushi restaurant. On the Scare Floor, he runs out of a door screaming and crying in fear because the child he was trying to scare was not afraid of him and almost touched him. He then proceeds to cry while his assistant calms him down and calls in a door shredder, making that door the 58th lost in the week.

While watching Mike's company play "Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me," he gets emotional during Mike's singing and starts crying, to which his assistant slaps him and says, "Keep it together, man!" (like how he did earlier in the film when Claws was crying because the kid got close to him).

Monsters University

Although Claws does not physically appear in Monsters University, his picture can be seen on a Scare Card during the credits. It is also revealed in Monsters University that he graduated from Fear Tech and formerly worked at Fear Co.

Additional Appearances

  • Claws has also appeared in Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena for Nintendo GameCube as 1 of 5 available playable characters.
  • He also appeared in the On Ice version of Monsters, Inc.


Claws seems to act like everyone else at Monsters, Inc., though he does sometimes get emotional.


  • As Claws runs out of the door, the "Killin' Paul Bunyan" poster from Sid's room in Toy Story can be seen before he slams the door shut.
  • According to his scare card, he idolized Carla "Killer Claws" Benitez.
  • His surname, Ward, could be a possible reference to art department coordinator Jay Ward.
  • According to his Scare Card, he is 6'4", weighs 680 pounds, and was born on May 5th in Shockholm.
  • He is the second bottom scarer.