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Commander Burnside is a character in the 2022 Disney/Pixar animated film, Lightyear.

He is a well-meaning if a bit short-sighted man. Throughout his life, he has heard of Buzz Lightyear and his determination to get all the humans off the hostile planet of T'Kani Prime and how the people there have mined for crystals in order to test-run Buzz's ship to get them off there, but Buzz keeps going into hyper speed and appears at random points in time in the future.

When he crawled up the ranks to the position of Commander, Burnside saw that this mining operation was a waste of energy and decides to put an end to it and have the humans embrace the T'Kani Prime planet as their new home, but when Buzz comes to his timeline, Burnside finds his views challenged by the ever-dedicated Lightyear.