Coral is a minor character in Finding Nemo.

Finding Nemo

Coral was originally the wife of Marlin's and Nemo's biological mother. She was shown in the beginning of the movie where she and Marlin are watching over their 400 baby eggs. They were excited to be first-time parents and discussed the eggs' names. Coral says she likes the name Nemo and Marlin says only one can be Nemo, but he wants the rest to be Marlin Junior.

They later play with each other for a while until Coral is distracted by a Barracuda. Marlin tells her to get back into the house. Coral moves to protect the eggs and the barracuda lungs at her. As Marlin rushes in, the barracuda smacks him with its tail, knocking him into unconscious.

When Marlin wakes up, he discovered that Coral and the eggs are gone (presumably having been eaten by the Barracuda). Marlin then found a single remaining egg which he named Nemo to honor Coral's dying wish, and promises never to let anything happen to him. 


  • In the original storyboard of the film, it was shot so that the audience could glimpse Coral in the barracuda's mouth, but was later cut, possibly because it could have terrified younger audience viewers watching the movie.
  • Coral is the first female Pixar character to die.
  • She is one of the few Pixar characters to die, along with Syndrome, Ellie Fredricksen, Doc Hudson, and Hopper, among others.
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